When you have 50,000 Twitter followers you need to be sure that when you want to send a photo of your underwear containing an erection to one cute 20 year old female follower, you don’t send it to all 50,000 by mistake.


Enough stories like this will put the Onion out of business.

I think they should do the old mantra, if the glove don’t fit, acquit!

This is another Breitbart fabrication.

I knew I should have posted a “the media can’t be taken seriously until they fucking stop listening to Breitbart”-thread to avoid this.

If this is all Breitbart, then why isn’t Weiner coming out with all conspiracy barrels blazing? So far all I have seen is a non-official report of “hacking”, then nothing, then its a “prank”, and last I heard he was asking people to “move on”.

He posts something with a hashtag about what time it is in Seattle, and then posts the picture of the caged Tiger-blood Fury to a woman in Seattle.

Seems more like another Massa pickle-in-the-pickle-jar episode than a Vast Breitbart Conspiracy. Perhaps he is innocent but even folks at Kos are staring to face facts that his story, even if true, is perhaps the worst attempt to explain a way a scandal in a long time.

Edit: While this video may be from a right-wing website, it’s of CNN reporters having a tempestuous exchange with Rep. Weiner today. Note: the man Weiner calls “a jackass” is a CNN Producer.

Rep. Anthony Weiner in testy exchange with CNN reporter

I honestly hadn’t checked up on anything much since yesterday, so like noon yesterday your time. If the state of things have changed, my bad. After what has happened, I don’t feel anyone should give Breitbart the benefit of the doubt, though.

Rather nicely written statement from the supposed “mistress”, quoted here.

No holes in that logic!

He’s far more polite about it than I would have been. Jackass indeed.

“If Obama isn’t a muslin communist, why hasn’t he ever once denied it?”

The point of these kinds of fabrications is to create a “controversy” about the person, which will linger in the minds of people long after the falsehood has been definitively disproved. Replying to the accusations, even to deny them, gives them more credence than they deserve.

Because it’s not a vast conspiracy, just Breitbart being an ordinary and obvisusly lying asshat as he has proven to be in the past? Certainly that ought to be the default assumption given the man’s slimy history.

If it’s false, all he needs to say is ‘It’s false, I don’t send out lewd pics of myself, now stfu’.

Instead all he’s saying, after a few days of weird/contradictory statements, is ‘stfu’.

It looks very much like he’s done something he’s ashamed of and won’t admit to, whatever it is. And I’m not basing this on Breitbart or the blogosphere, but from Weiner’s own evasiveness.

Okay, so, just to run it down:

Tony Weiner has a Facebook or Twitter or something. There was totally a boner on it. He says that it got hacked. Breitbart, who broke the story, says that he’s totally got worse. Weiner doesn’t want to talk about the boner. Breitbart does, because he wants to talk about anything that makes him look good and any Democrat look bad.

That about cover it? Weiner’s not doing himself any favors, because he’s acting like there’s something to be embarrassed about. Breitbart is being Breitbart, which is to say dickish. Somewhere, somebody had a boner at some point in history. Is that everything?

He did.

and here.

(now stfu)

Did the weiner or the dick have the boner?

Also, was anyone in the pic wearing crocs?

If he isn’t lying about this, it will be the first time.

If he has “worse” why hasn’t he released it?

I can’t believe that anyone is still playing the whole “just asking questions…” game based on Breitbart exclusives. It’s not like Democrats are so squeaky clean that scandals have to be manufactured, but I guess you have to rely on more reputable sources like the Enquirer for that kind of occasionally reality-oriented material.

Weiner is making the same mistake that Kerry etc made when faced with a ludicrous non-scandal whipped up by a proven right-wing shyster. He figures “I’m not going to lower myself to responding to something that was obviously ginned-up to be a response to the Chris Lee scandal. The fact that people are talking about it at all is pretty insulting to my intelligence and the intelligence of my constituents.”

Except of course that the media has about as much maturity and self-control over this stuff as you would expect to find in a middle-school boys’ shower room. So they keep talking about it and speculating and letting Breitbart come on to talk about all the “young girls” who follow Weiner (just sayin’ – you know) without taking two seconds to put two and two together and realize they were being played and put a stop to it. So after a weekend of waiting for the media to figure out their ass from their elbow, Weiner now realizes that he can’t just expect them to do their fucking jobs and grow the fuck up, and that he’s going to have to respond to it.

What’s going on with the debt ceiling is way more important than this bullshit. You’d think the media was allergic to real news.

Probably lying, but she’s above 18 and he’s not married so uh why should I care?