Weird Al - Still Funny?

Spinning off from the UHF thread, I’m curious: Is Weird Al still funny?

I say yes. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a cache of old Al discs somebody had dumped at my local record store - the first S/T, 3-D, Dare To Be Stupid and the Essentials collection. I had the first three on vinyl when they came out, and LOVED them at the time, so I figured why not give them a relisten?

Turns out: I still love 'em. 3-D is my overall fave, but “One More Minute” from Dare To Be Stupid is literally one of the funniest songs I’ve ever heard. Not only did all of this stuff hold up, I think I might actually like it more now than I did when I was a teenager.

This needs a poll.

Yes, he is. I think that Off The Deep End is probably still my favorite, although his reading of Peter and the Wolf is also really funny.


Damn you, Athryn! In before the poll!

All About the Pentiums is still awesome.

His parodies are still pretty funny much of the time, but his original songs where he just spouts random “wacky” lyrics drive me up the wall.

What I like about Al is that he’s more than just a parodist. He’s kept himself relevant in the age of Twitter, Youtube, etc.

And here’s one of my favorite relatively recent appearances of his: (Warning: Strong Tim & Eric content at this link. Do not click if you are allergic to Tim & Eric.)

Part 1

Part 2

You make me staple bagels to my head
and then remove them with a pitchfork

I’m not sure how to answer. I still like his early stuff, like the albums mentioned, but I have no idea if his current stuff would still appeal to me. Once the “popular” music moved beyond me, I didn’t really see the appeal to listening to his parodies of it.

So, does “still funny” refer to his older stuff or how we view his current material?

If I ever meet you I’ll ctrl-alt-delete you WHAT!


As an aside, we’re at ten votes and 100%. Have we finally found the one thing that unites all of Qt3?

Yeah, that shit.

I dunno, I think I outgrew Weird Al somewhere in college. I did like White & Nerdy, though.

“That shit” was him parodying a band’s style (Oingo Boingo) as opposed to a specific song. :)

I can’t tell anymore. Probably the most prominent example of what I’m talking about (that I’m familiar with) is “Everything You Know Is Wrong” off the Bad Hair Day album.

White & Nerdy was awesome. That’s probably the most recent thing I’ve heard from him, though, so no clue if there’s anything more recent.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder at a music video than the first time I saw Amish Paradise. It’s probably not as funny as I remember it being, but I think it just caught me at the right age and I was a big fan of Gangsta’s Paradise.

Yeah, Weird Al is still good, but he does seem kind of dated these days.

I think the correct answer is “still as funny as he ever was.” I grew out of his schtick, but it hasn’t degraded over the years.


That’s another style parody, in that case They Might Be Giants.

My apologies btw, in case it isn’t obvious, I’m a pretty big Weird Al fan/buff/nerd. :)

Yeah, “Don’t Download This Song” was pretty good.

What the hell kind of poll is this? You ask if he’s “still funny,” but there’s no option for “no, not still funny,” as in, he used to be funny when I was 12, but is no longer funny.

I’m with the kinda outgrew him/lost track but really liked White and Nerdy-crew.

Peter and the Wolf? Really?! Linky?

Some of his non parody song stuff is brilliant, though. “Bob”, a song sung in the style of Bob Dylan, and done completely with palindromes? Awesome. 100% Pure Awesome.