Weird bugs! Kalle, Anders, translate please!

These are called ‘caterpillars’ they are young moths or butterflies.


Unfortunately, no context is given.

Except the title is “The day when the larvae came to Flogsta (city)”

Flogsta. Mothra.


I don’t know for sure, but these things look a lot like tent caterpillars.

Fucking things mobbed our house in Connecticut every now and then in the summertime when I was a kid. They would go through huge population explosions during which there would be thousands and thousands of them EVERYWHERE, and lots of those creepy tents in damn near every leafy tree. I remember spending afternoons spraying the hose full blast on the sides of the house to wash them off. Half an hour later there’d be another wave of them creeping up the house. Horror stories like one woman who came home to find so many of them on her front door that she literally couldn’t open it. I spent another afternoon lighting them on fire – they would convulse in a very cathartic way.

Never saw them web over a bicycle like that, though.

Edit: Ya, here you go: lots of current horror stories here.

Looks like Silent Hill during the daytime.

Flogsta is a neighbourhood in Uppsala, dominated by student housing. I had friends who lived there. Never seen anything like this there though.

Mmmm, what’s for dinner?

I’d just give up and get a new bike, that’s way too creepy to deal with.

Euwww. The building I work in is a kind of rectangular doughnut shape, with the hole in the middle being an “oriental garden”, or “smoking area” as I like to call it. We’re in the midst of a caterpillar invasion right now, and there’s millions of the little fuckers. They’ve defoliated a bush and a tree already, they’re crawling all over the wooden garden furniture so you can’t sit down, and if you walk under the tree, you’re almost guaranteed to get a bunch on your clothes and hair as they absail to the ground using their silky arse threads. They look angrier than the ones in the pics above too. Black, with yellow plumes of hair dotted along the length of their bodies.


When we first moved into our house (new construction) about 10 years ago, for the first 2 summers we had periods of about 2-4 weeks where we had TONS of caterpillars - black largish things. You couldn’t walk in the grass without stepping on a bunch of them.

Then they went away and have almost completely disappeared (I see the occasional one, but rarely).

I’ve wondered if the construction (and accompanying digging/regrading) disturbed their underground lairs and/or in some other way contributed to the swarm or not…

Those things look like tentworms on steroids. I’ve never seen caterpillars take over a bike before.

Fuck that. Nuke 'em from orbit or something. Friggin nasty ass crawly thing swarms.