Weird City: not quite as Black a Mirror (YouTube Original)

Apologies if I missed a thread on this. I couldn’t find one.

YouTube kept pestering me to take a free trial of YouTube Premium and I thought “why not”.

So here I am with video downloads and videos playing even when the screen is off, which I enjoy.

I hadn’t gotten around to the original series yet when my wife told me “you must watch Weird City.”

I just finished the first episode and was really pleasantly surprised. It takes place in a Black Mirror society. It is as ridiculous and dysfunctional as you would expect, but the show seems to go for funny rather than introspective.

It’s a style of storyline you have seen before in the other series. A divided society, mandated unions, the search for The One. But then it goes into funny and touching directions.

Also, Levar Burton makes an appearance and is his usual awesome self. I always have time for Levar Burton.

If you have 30’ to spare (and YouTube Premium :/ ) I’d highly recommend not watching a trailer and diving into episode 1. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

That’s the one. Thanks for the link.

I should have linked to IMDB. I hesitated and decided against posting a link to the trailer as I enjoyed going in knowing very little about the setting. But I’m one of those spoiler averse people. :)

Woah, Youtube is doing original content? I thought it was just to get rid of the ads. I feel bad for a lot of these shows, destined to not be seen by 90% of the world, locked behind one content provider. In the old days, you could at least see the movie in theatre, could catch reruns for tv on another station, rent / buy the videocassette / dvd, download the thing via itunes or google play, etc. But these streaming things, if you don’t have that one service, you’re not going to see it, right?

Oh yes, a lot of it actually. Cobra Kai is their premier one, but they have several other scripted series. Plus they have brought in several prominent Youtubers from across a wide range of categories to make special shows. Vsauce and Pe gag Pew vomit
Pew De dry heaving Pie for example.

Hadn’t heard of this one though, and as I don’t have Youtube Red won’t watch it now. But interesting. Perhaps I use my trial.

They have various comedy shows (Lisa on Demand, …), Cobra Kai follows the original Karate Kid “bad kid” 30 years later, they have various sci fi shows and kids and teen friendly stuff.

The subscription does give you more than no ads, downloads and background play. I’m only starting to go through their content though, so can’t comment on how compelling it is. But Weird City is cool so far.

Cobra Kai is great, and is why I have a premium subscription. The lack of ads and being able to download videos to my devices as well as listening with the screen off is why I kept it. But I’ll check Weird City out now, thanks.

Episode 2 was… Weird. Suitable, I guess. :)

My wife says it picks back up later in the series. It’s only got 5 episodes, so won’t take long to get through.