Weird gamesite link redirection to Pr0n

So I click on a link to a review at Wolverine Studios. The link is the Gameshark review on the right had side. WHen mousing over that link, the URL is the same as the Total Sports World review. When I click either, I am redirected to boob barn -dot- com. I sent an email, they say they have not encountered the issue. I tell them the exact details and put the totalsportsworld address as it appears when I mouse over it. Then, I check my sent box and click on that link from my email and it too redirects me.

This is probably something easily explainable for some of you web design/internet smarties.

Is the problem on my PC where i have some weird infection that only redirects for very specific web addresses or with Wolverine’s site or is it a problem that some porn blog thingie has somehow snagged that address for redirection?

I am out of my depth. :)

Sounds like a typical virus to me. I’ve only ever gotten a few and those are the ones. When my browser starts doing crazy shit I go right to all the anti-malware programs.

It’s not a virus, someone has hijacked I’m pretty sure my iPod Touch hasn’t got a virus. ;)

(Oh, hey, that URL isn’t currently safe for work. Just in case, y’know, the idea that a porn site has hijacked the above link doesn’t tip folks off.)

Thanks. I guess all I need was outside verification that the link was redirectin’ for someone else. :)