Weird Google Fi issue

Yesterday and this morning I’ve gotten this banner message on my phone about Google Fi not being fully activated yet. Thing is, I’ve been using Google Fi since I got this phone (a Pixel 5a w/5G) back in November 2021, and have been making calls sending texts and all that just fine, including yesterday.

I tapped it to “finish setting up” and it asked what Google acct I wanted to use, and I of course used the one I’ve been using, and now it’s supposedly set up “again.” It didn’t ask for a password or any info so I think it’s fine but has anyone else here seen this?

I haven’t seen anything like that.

It did it to me a few weeks ago. I never found a cause- a few reboots fixed it, I think? The real problem was that I needed the phone as a Hotspot to take payments in my food truck that morning. While I was getting that message, I was panicking.

Thanks for the reply. You run a food truck? Cool, what kind?

OT but I hope the payment processor you use will not hang you out to dry if someone commits cc fraud to buy a bunch of food from you. That happened to the owners of a great Salvadoran food truck my Mom and I frequent, and I guess the fine print of their contract with that processor says “too bad so sad” if that happens, and they were screwed out of thousands of dollars.

It’s an outgrowth of my donut business. Started at the farmer’s market 6 years ago, shifted to doing takeout with the pandemic, bought the food truck a while back as a way to expand out of the kitchen. It’s going moderately well.

I’ve never had anyone really try to scam me. There was one online order for about $60 (a large order for me) that disputed the charge after, and when I went and looked into it, the same order ‘failed’ in my system several times before it finally went through. My guess is that they were trying several different stolen CCs before one worked. I’m not terribly bent about it. It’s actually a little flattering, I guess.

This happened to me the other day as well. I clicked on it and saw something about setting up a family’s account. I ignored it and dismissed it. I have not tried making a call since, but I have received some text messages since. I assume everything is fine.