Weird Melvin and Ralph Snart


Not to be confused with John Romero’s series of vituperative pedophillia/child abuse comics, Little Melvin.

I was a huge Ralph Snart fan back in the early 90’s, and I still think it is probably the funniest comic book ever produced. Weird Melvin isn’t nearly as good, but Marc Hansen has put up all 100 Weird Melvin comic strips on his web site, plus the five full-length Weird Melvin comic books.

I’d love to see this done for Ralph Snart, but there seems to be a quasi-subtext from the web site that he can’t do it, because Tony Caputo has hoarded all the rights to the character and won’t release them, even though NOW Comics is long defunct.

Check it out, even Hansen’s bad stuff is hilarious. Why doesn’t this guy do comic books anymore?

Edit: Holy crap! The entire first issue of Ralph Snart is available here. PDFs of most of the original issues can be downloaded here. And there is a Yahoo Group devoted to Ralph Snart, with a couple more issues in the photo album. Nice! I’m so glad that the comic book warez scene is starting to shine.

Ralph Snart is fantastic - the kind of stuff you can loan out to friends with complete confidence that they’ll like it. If you haven’t seen this stuff, do so.

The comic book store I used to frequent was owned by a guy who knew NOW Comic’s owner, and said that the owner was in fact a real pain in the ass to deal with. That may explain some of the problem’s Snart’s creator has had in doing new material.

I’m an expert on the subject of Marc Hansen, with a complete collection of all of his comics; too bad you ain’t getting a single drop of information from me, diseased cuntface.

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Well! An expert on Marc Hansen, eh? Who would have imagined that such an expert and prolific collector of the obscure creator of a decade-dead funny book would, in fact, be hugely overweight? And dysfunctional enough to spend most of his time anonymously typing in obvious quips on an internet forum about video games to people who could care less about him?

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Seriously, people… Sinner and I both agree, and when the hell is that going to happen. Go read Ralph Snart

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I’m going to bet on the former, because nothing else can explain why an “expert” on Marc Hansen hasn’t reported this before me…

Ralph Snart goes episodic flash cartoons! And there’s a graphic novel coming out in the autumn. Awesome.

I thought SiNNER was now calling himself Sparky2003 (or some other number) and posting very infrequently. Thanks for resurrecting this thread though, hissy fitting aside I actually missed these comics back in “the day”. I might have been spending that money on Taboo or something else involving a Bissette.