Weird mic sound input issue

So, I have this wacky issue. Randomly, it seems that something is hijacking my mic volume, and setting it to be ~60%. I can’t change it when it happens. When the hijacking is done, it goes back to the 100% I need it at for people to hear me easily and properly.

This is normally most noticeably when using Skype. I have an Audigy 4 soundcard which I use for the input, and an built-in soundmax Intel HD Audio which I use for the output.

Does this only happen when you’re using Skype? Maybe it has some autogain function or something that lowers the volume when you §op your §s, and doesnt restore it quickly enough.

I’m just pulling ideas out my butt, as I’ve never had this particular microphone level problem.

Not sure. It seems to only happen in skype, I’ve never had anyone complain over TS or Vent but people are pretty willing to put up with people’s volume being fucked in those apps.

I found this procedure to disable Skype’s automatic gain control so that it leaves the microphone level alone:

Hope it solves the problem.

Cool, I’ll see if that works.

It’s really Roger’s Gremlin taking over your computer!

I just had this problem today. Mic level got set to 0 somehow. I attributed it to Skype not being totally compatible with Vista. Or maybe there’s a mute mic keyboard shortcut in Vista that I don’t know about?

Skype absolutely does fuck with your sound settings. I don’t know what version you’re running but I fixed it by just going to the Tools/Options menu, selecting Sound Devices and then unchecking the ‘Let Skype Totally Fuck Up My Sound Settings Every Time I Run It.’ option. I don’t think you need to do all of the other things that are in that link above, just unchecking that option fixed it for me.

That did the trick perfectly.