Weird mouse/keyboard problem

I’ve been using a Logitech WAVE keyboard/mouse combo for about a year or so and have had no problems. Over the past few days, I noticed a severe lag with input either mouse movements or keyboard input. Of course I thought the batteries were low so I replaced them and it didn’t improve things. Then I thought maybe something was wrong with the little usb receiver or such, so I just hopped on down to Best Buy and picked up a brand new one. Keyboard is exactly the same, but the mouse is a little smaller and the usb receiver/dongle is much smaller. As long as it works right?

Again, it did not improve. So now I’m wondering if something is interfering with the signal. Is there a way to check for that or put this on a different signal?

if the receiver is close to monitor/pc etc that can interfere.

the wave combo uses a different receiver i thought. the new set uses a nano-size unifying receiver doesn’t it? use the unifying software to re-pair them.

The monitor is in the same place it’s been for almost 2 years so I don’t think that’s the problem. I use the Logitech software that came with it so that’s not the problem.

I cannot describe how annoying this is. I guess the totally sure solution is to go with an older wired keyboard and wired mouse. But I’d sure like to not have to do that.

you’re not listening. the unifying software is a separate entry/download from logitech devices that do not use the unifying receiver.

can you confirm if your new set uses the unifying receiver? it is called “logitech unifying software” and is an orange and white icon.

you must use the unifying software to re-pair the devices with the receiver.

In the original Wave box, there is a USB extension cable. Use it to move the receiver closer to the mouse & keyboard.

That’s what I did recently, when I faced the exact same symptoms. I moved the receiver from the back of my PC (sitting on the floor) up to the side of my table near the mouse. I did not buy a new USB receiver.

I tried everything I could think of with both the old and new receivers as far as moving them to different ports and such. No luck at all.

I figured I would drive myself crazy with trying to figure out what was interfering so I just bought a good corded keyboard and mouse. Everything has worked like a charm ever since.

Sounds like a potential software issue to me. Remove any associated software, delete the devices AND your USB hub from device manager, and reboot.