Weird new issue with qt3 and Brave browser

Yesterday my Brave browser had an update where they upgraded Chromium to 106.0.5249.119 and since then when I click on the “Quarter to Three Forums” link at the top left of every page I get a spinning cursor instead of the normal selection of forums. It spins there forever and never comes back. The same thing happens when I’m in a thread and try to return to the topic sub forum by clicking the link. I’ve tested using the Edge browser and it works fine using that.

This is the only site I’ve seen this happen on so I’m wondering if maybe it’s a conflict with Discourse somehow. Anyone got any ideas?

Edit: If I use the drop down menu at the top instead, that works.

Edit2: Correction, the drop down menu works for some of the sub forums but not others. Weird.

Try clearing the cookies and other site data?

That worked!! Thank you very much.

Though Chrome is fast and reliable, firefox updates is better in terms of customization and privacy features.