Weird Oblivion bug: unshootable bow! Or, Mod Overdose?

So I have been having probably too much fun with mods. Bag of Holding, Forgrum’s Travelogue, and Hearthstone/Recall make for a bunch of strange permutations. Bag of Holding is too handy to be resisted, though.

In particular, by misclicking in some way I don’t remember, I wound up cloning my Bag of Holding AND EVERYTHING INSIDE IT! I wound up with three identical bags. Kind of a nice trick, but it made me nervous that I was destabilizing my game somehow. (Especially once I realized that removing something from one removed it from the others too…)

And sure enough, some time later (after I’d talked to a Marksman trainer), I suddenly found that I could no longer attack with bows! Any time I equipped a bow, I couldn’t shoot it. Left-click simply did nothing. Right-click to block still worked fine. Changing bows, buying new ones, etc. all were broken, permanently!

I had a save game from about an hour and a half previously (sigh, my game time is precious so that was a substantial amount of questing around Bruma, but oh well), and when I reloaded it I was able to shoot again. So I discarded all the corrupt saves and I am going to do a lot more shooting as I play with my bags and trainers and so forth, to see if I can nail down when exactly the bug happens.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else’s seen something like this…

I assume you had arrows equipped and tried unequipping reequipping those?

I’ve had that happen before. A monster once hit me hard enough to unequip my aarows, and I was later thinking my bow was broken too, but it was just that the aarows weren’t equiped.

Oh for Christ’s sake. That was probably it. I got jailed (to get in on a quest) and everything got unequipped. Then I got released and I didn’t realize you even have to re-equip arrows. Hell, I was wondering how you pick special arrows for shooting…

Arrgh!!! So I threw away those saves for nothing!

Oh well, at least it (probably) wasn’t a bug :-) And I can handle re-doing the quests, they were fun…

Teehee, the cloning bug is fun :). You can pretty much dupe all the items except for a few things like Nirnroot and Shadowbanish Wine that way :).

The game also automatically unequips your arrows when you sell any of them. And it automatically deletes your weapon hotkey when you have two weapons of the hotkeyed kind, and sell one of them…