Weird problem with local drive

Ok, on this laptop I have the LocalDisk (C:) drive somehow got renamed to Fred. The problem is, when you go to My Computer and then double click on it it launches Search; there is no way to actually view the contents of the C: drive normally. You can navigate via the folder window to the left but you can’t simply click on it and drill down.

How do I get it so that the drive works normally? Renaming it 1) doesn’t take and 2) doesn’t change anything. Any ideas?

I’m no guru, but that sounds like some kind of virus.

That was my thought, too – although I’ve never heard of such a thing. The only virus I found in my fifteen minutes of searching that might be causing the renaming is this:

I’ve run AVG on the thing since day one, up to date, and never any positives. I did however once run an alpha version of a game on it, which had some, um, issues installing and uninstalling. I think that’s when the issue happened.

Honestly, you should reinstall XP at this point.


You can rename and fiddle with drives in the disk management section of your computer management app. I’m not sure where that is, though. You should do a help and support search for disk management, then poke around in there.

You should be able to rename the volume in My Computer/Windows Explorer with no problem. If you’re able to right click and select Rename. It sounds like that’s what you’re referring to.

However, the larger concern is double clicking on the drive doing a Search rather than Open. Do WIN+E to open Windows Explorer. Are you able to navigate through that? Does double clicking on a folder result in the same behavior?

I have no idea where one would change that, though I imagine in the registry somewhere. There is a way to change the default function (in Windows Explorer) in Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types – go to i[/i] (may want to check (File Folder) as well) and click on the Advanced button and check to see if a new default action has been created. I just tested it with opening Winamp when I double click a folder.

Of course, the problem is that you can’t remove any of those actions once they’re put in. So now I’m stuck opening a folder in a separate window when double clicking on a folder. :?

Looking in the registry, it appears the settings are in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell. Under the shell key, there is a value to set the default. You’ll want to delete that value, then expand that and remove the Search entry if its in there. I think the defaults should be open and explore.

That seemed to fix mine, at least.

Danke. I’ll try some of those things, though we’re planning to reinstall XP anyhow I think ;p