Weird Problem with Twitch

Maybe someone here can help me troubleshoot this.

Just starting this morning, I can’t get Twitch streams to load in any browser or even via the Twitch app. I get error #2000 which is pretty generic.

But it’s only on this PC. Other devices on my same network, both wired and wireless, work fine.

Again, this is across multiple browsers on this PC (Chrome and Edge) and even Twitch’s stand-alone app.

But, when I connect to a VPN it works fine.

I’ve tried clearing my cache and turning off ad blockers.
I’ve tried changing my DNS to CloudFlare or Google.

My laptop has basically the same exact configuration and works fine.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Maybe an antivirus or firewall rule update? Have you tried browser in incognito mode?

Not running any antivirus other than Windows Defender, and I did try incognito. No go.

Edit: installing the 2019-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 1903 to see if that shakes something loose.

No other browser errors on other sites? I believe twitch and most streaming is over HTTP/TCP so, the same protocol as other web traffic.

None that I’ve seen. I tried YouTube and my normal routine. No errors.

Hah, well that appears to have done the trick. No reason I can think of that it would work, but I guess the update flushed something out of the system.

I had even tried rebooting before to no avail. But we’re back to operational parameters so whatever.

Or not. WTF. It worked, I closed the window, made that post, then went back and now it doesn’t work again.

And now I installed the latest (Oct 1) Nvidia drivers and it works again. This is perplexing.

The only time I ever had a problem with the Twitch client was when it had DNS issues with my Pihole ad blocker.

No clue if you might have the same problem but maybe check how DNS requests are getting resolved?

I’ve had a weird problem with the Twitch client for a few months, now. Every time I alt-tab twitchagent.exe grabs ~50% of the CPU for 1-2s. It doesn’t matter where I’m alt-tabbing to or from, if Twitch is running, twitchagent.exe wants a huge chunk of CPU. When alt-tabbing out of WoW it’s enough to make the game freeze for a second and the sound to get stuck. It’s supper annoying.

Killing twitchagent.exe just makes it come back. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing Twitch to no avail.

I uninstalled the Twitch client a few weeks ago as I noticed the same thing with CPU usage. I wasn’t getting enough benefit from it to keep it installed.

You deleted any twitch cookies too, right? That usually fixes most web site issues for me.

This has now been fixed. Yay!

Edit - ehhh… not quite. It’s still there, it’s just that now it burns about 10% of the CPU on an alt-tab vs. 50% before.

Anyone else notice that chat drops/rejoins randomly during a stream?