Weird SEO type spam articles?

Have you noticed a lot of services, apps writing SEO spam-like editorial listicles reviewing their competitors?

Often positive and never hidden outside their main domain. One example among many:

Yep - was wondering the same thing.

last week I was reviewing a few business software products for my employer… and I was confused to see what appeared to be some really neutral run-downs of major software products in the different product spaces… on the websites of the companies I was considering. I’d go to product X, and on the site they’d have a section on other companies with similar products, and their plusses and minuses.


Yeah I saw my first recent one for Speechify doing a round up of the AI transcription services/apps.

Sure, link farms written by AI. They used to use Bangaladeshi downtrodden to do it, now it’s Nvidia GPUs.

Now imagine being a teacher and reading student paper after student paper that reads just like that.

Heynow. Back in the day (mid 2010s) I used to be able to fill in time between contracts as a freelancer by getting 50 bucks for 5 articles that typically took me two hours total to write via fiverr. (And yeah, those jobs gave you the SEO titles and asked for a word count.)

At any rate, this is about as new as 2014 is.


Add those two sub Reddit’s to your daily doomscrolling.

My sister sees submitted papers with the ChatGPT grey background.