Weird USB conflict

Can someone help me out here? I have a weird USB conflict going on. I have a Logitech wireless USB mouse, and when I plug in certain other USB devices, the mouse stops operating. I bought a Kensington Bluetooth adapter, but I can’t use it because when I plug it in my mouse immediately goes dead - starts working again the second I unplug the Bluetooth.

It’s not happening with every device, because I bought a SanDisk USB flash drive this weekend, which works perfectly without affecting the mouse.

Anyone with any idea what’s going on here?

Is the logitech wireless usb mouse also bluetooth? Or, does it operate at the same radio frequency as bluetooth?

I’m thinking this may be interference, such as the kind you get when you have one of those 2.4Ghz telephones and also try to run a 2.4Ghz wireless LAN. Only this time, perhaps it’s the 2.4Ghz bluetooth signal messing with the 2.4Ghz logitech mouse signal.

Just a wild guess.

Are there any other USB devices that kill your mouse?

Now that you mention it, I think the Bluetooth one is the only one I can say for sure right now kills the mouse. But when I run the same dongle on my other PC, which also uses a cordless Logitech mouse (same brand, but not the same model), it doesn’t affect it at all.

Maybe try re-establishing the connection between the logitech mouse and its base unit thing – perhaps that’ll move it to a different channel?

Note that this advice is worth exactly what it cost you.

It’s not the bluetooth because I had the same problem when connecting my Blackberry via USB. For now I’ve connected a wired mouse as a workaround, but it’s definitely got me baffled.