Weird West - WolfEye goes wild wild west

That looks pretty intriguing, if nothing else.

There will be blood.

How is an “Action RPG Experience” different from an action rpg?

They’re trying to evoke a theme park sort of vibe, I think. Looks promising.

Trailer is best experienced with the sound off.

Oh, I thought this would be first person but it’s isometric. :(

this looks interesting. I always like the crazy west setting.

Coming to Game Pass for Xbox and PC on January 11.

But will we bring the West to its knees?

Love the look and theme. Be interesting to see how it plays out overall.

This is coming to Game Pass tomorrow. I’ve heard it described as Dishonored crossed with Diablo, and as Skyrim crossed with Diablo.

If I wasn’t knee deep in Elden Ring, I’d be salivating so hard over a game like this.

I watched a different preview and agree it looks super cool. Very dishonored-esque, but from an isometric perspective.

I’m intrigued by this as well, but also,deep in ER. Also CK3 hit the service yesterday. Dammit! Too many good games.

I’m intrigued by this too, mainly because of the developers pedigree. However, the Let’s Plays I’ve watched of it so far have been underwhelming. I’ve heard some mutterings about the controls being clunky. I was going to get this one early but now I’m thinking I’ll hold off a bit and see what the reception is like.

I’ll be in on game pass and likely streaming it in the morning

So, no reviews out yet?

Reviews are 16 hours away:

Huh, Chris Avellone made the credits.

Trickling in now…