Weird Worlds released!

this just came in through subspace:

Something Weird This Way Comes!
Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space Blasting Off At Warp Speed!

Hampstead, NC, 04 November 2005

Anticipated from here to Nebulon Fifteen (the one orbiting Wharzel, not the
Nebulon Fifteen in the Rawnad Arm, but you probably already knew that),
Digital Eel’s Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space has gotten the green
light from space command and is now blasting off! Independent publisher
Shrapnel Games will begin shipping Weird Worlds worldwide and beyond, and
soon gamers everywhere will begin to chart their own cosmic adventures on
their PC.

Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space is the highly addictive Windows-based
follow-up to Strange Adventures In Infinite Space. With a nod to today’s
hectic gamer on-the-go, Weird Worlds creates a fantastic universe of epic
proportions, yet manages to squeeze it all into an improbably tightly
wrapped shell.

omething Weird This Way Comes!
Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space Blasting Off At Warp Speed!

There is a demo, not sure if it is up yet on shrapnelgames.

Yeah, my copy is on its way. Preordered it months ago.

They were delayed quite a bit, but hopefully it improved the game. All my gaming time is going to Civ 4 though for the foreseeable future, so I’ve little time left for other games.

On the other hand it appears that Weird Worlds will be a great game to play for a 10 min breaks and such. (Although it seems it take a bit more time then SAIS did) So it will see use right away. Its not a game you play for hours on end anyway imo.

Couldn’t help but notice that you spelt weird as ‘wierd’ in the thread title immediately after I noticed you spelt Daikatana as ‘Diakatana’ in another thread. Be careful, your third letters are subverting your second letters!

I like the idea of “bite size” games and it’s an interesting problem to solve, how to incorporate some depth of strategy/RPG/whatever, and lots of randomness/replay value, while still keeping the total gametime short. I would like to see more “mini” roguelikes along these lines – small RPGs with slick interfaces meant for <1 hour play sessions.

SAIIS didn’t really grab me from what I played of the demo (admittedly not much), but the idea appeals to me and I will keep an eye on this one.

I can’t believe this isn’t available as a download. Seriously, that’s annoying for a game like this.

Doesn’t surprise me. It’s Shrapnel, they have no clue about this emerging market. It’s stupid to create a casual game and then ask Shrapnel to do something with it.

Gordon- you will dig the new one. It is a fleshed out version of the original. Far far more to do/see than the first- and it sure is good looking.
I can’t get enough of it.

Transposed letters- most of the time I’m typing through VNC to my desktop, constant oddities. Trying to edit stuff through VNC just sucks, so sorry, but I don’t bother.

downloadable- I’m speaking out my ass, but I’d guess there will be a downloadable version, but the manual is fun and goofy so…

Yeah, I would buy it if it were a download, but otherwise, not gonna bother.

I agree, this sort of game would be perfect as a download.

I bought the first game for PC and Pocket PC. Because it was a download. Have we piled on enough yet? :D

As someone who has a different ‘bite-size’ game published througrh Shrapnel, I’ve been repeatedly told by them that they’re working on a better downloadable solution that will be part of their new e-commerce storefront software.

I haven’t heard an ETA on that, but I get the impression that they’re deep into the project, definitely progress has been made, and it’s only a matter of time at this point.

Yeah, I tried LOL’s demo and liked it, but then found out I need to get it shipped. I didn’t even bother to find how much it would cost (probably 30-40$). I also really wanted to get Dom after all the good rep it got here - but no - It needs to be shipped :roll:

I would buy your game in a second, if it was available as a download. I have bought 3 or 4 games through Shrapnel, and by the time I get the games, I’m usually over whatever obsession caused me to place the order in the first place.

You guys are preaching to the choir. I myself have encouraged Shrapnel to offer downloadable games, at least for LOL (and newer games like Weird Worlds and some unannounced titles.) And like I said, they finally are working on it.

But honestly, when it comes down to it, I really think you guys are missing out. Downloadable games have problems too. They tend to be fairly disposable, and usually don’t survive system migrations or reformattings for a variety of reasons. I’ve learned that reality the hard way after buying many downloadable games. It’s much easier to hold onto a game for the long haul when you have a physical CD to easily reinstall from.

I’m not trying to justify anything – I’m just saying there are pros and cons of both systems, and that the current Shrapnel system probably isn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be. We all wish they offered downloads, but given that they don’t (yet), I think it’s unfortunate that you’re denying yourselves some great games in the meantime…

They tend to be fairly disposable, and usually don’t survive system migrations or reformattings for a variety of reasons.

I fear my downloaded purchase of the Ntrack audio mixing software is lost to the winds. :( God knows where the registration info is, or which email address I used to register it…

I almost never dig out a game and play it again. I download a game, play it for a day or two, and I am done. From that standpoint, I would rather not have all these damn CDs laying around getting in my way.

Nevertheless, I do keep all my registration info for online games typed into a file I can go back to sometime.

Downloadable games are much easier than CDs. When I wanted to reinstall EV: Nova, I just went to their site and redownloaded it. In the 7-10 months since I had last played it, my serial number had expired or something and their system dished out a new one no problem. Those guys have a nice download system.

So, Hiro - you went exclusive with Shrapnel? Not wise dude.

Actually, it was extremely wise.

There’s no other outlet that could get LOL the kind of press, sales, and concessions that Shrapnel would. That’s partially a testiment to Shrapnel, but also a statement as to the number of options for a game like LOL…

What makes you think you’re so qualified as to make borderline insulting comments like that?

Hmmm you sure? For Weird Worlds I used USPS Global Priority mail: 3 to 7 days delivery. Cost me $ 4.15 to ship from the USA to the Netherlands. Not to bad if you ask me.

It would be nice if there would be a download option. But I’ve always found their prices reasonable.

Sounds good! And the manual needs to be goofy… I mean what else then useless banter to fill it with. Can’t think of anything… I mean the game doesn’t need to be explained right? ;)

Very cool. I’m looking forward to reading about everyone’s impressions.