Welcome to Bushworld

In Bushworld, our troops go to war and get killed, but you never see the bodies coming home.

In Bushworld, flag-draped remains of the fallen are important to revere and show the nation, but only in political ads hawking the president’s leadership against terror.

In Bushworld, we can create an exciting Iraqi democracy as long as it doesn’t control its own military, pass any laws or have any power.

In Bushworld, we can win over Falluja by bulldozing it.

In Bushworld, it’s fine to take $700 million that Congress provided for the war in Afghanistan and 9/11 recovery and divert it to the war in Iraq that you’re insisting you’re not planning.

In Bushworld, it’s O.K. to run for re-election as the avenger of 9/11, even as you make secret deals with the Arab kingdom where most of the 9/11 hijackers came from.

In Bushworld, you get to strut around like a tough military guy and paint your rival as a chicken hawk, even though he’s the one who won medals in combat and was praised by his superior officers for fulfilling all his obligations.

In Bushworld, those who dissemble about the troops and money it will take to get Iraq on its feet are patriots, while those who are honest are patronizingly marginalized.

In Bushworld, they struggle to keep church and state separate in Iraq, even as they increasingly merge the two in America.

In Bushworld, you can claim to be the environmental president on Earth Day while being the industry president every other day.

In Bushworld, there’s no irony that so many who did so much to avoid the Vietnam draft have now strained the military so much that lawmakers are talking about bringing back the draft.

In Bushworld, we’re making progress in the war on terror by fighting a war that creates terrorists.

It’s like Westworld with even more out of control robots.

In Bushworld, helping Bangalore is job one.

In Bushworld, Midnight Son sides with the mainstream of America…those same mainstream that favor gay marriage and the redistribution of income. Big mainstream that is. Oh and he’s moderate. Oh and a pussy who won’t accept a challenge.

Cherub, sorry I didn’t reply to your challenge. I’m really not into guys. Hope you find the Sugar Daddy you’re looking for.

I think you two would make a darling couple. All relationships go through a bickering stage, stick with it and I’m sure there will be a happy everafter for the two of you

No, I’ve already rejected him! He’s so eeeeevil! :twisted:

As long as it isn’t written, produced, directed or starred in by Kevin Costner we should be safe!

Yeah! You specifically said “after school, in the sandbox”, and he just didn’t show. What a pussy!

I get this image of little Bobby Cherub strutting around the playground talking about how he totally woulda kicked Midnight’s ass if he had shown up.

He wanted to wrestle in a tub of KY Jelly! If it had been Pam Anderson or Brooke Burke…