Welcome to Cleve Blakemore

This is a moot thread because I don’t think this is the rreal Cleve.

Another post by the same user:

The miniscule BB shot out and rebounded harmlessly off my huge skull. I pitched forward into the grave and feigned death until the sound of their jackboots had receded into the distance. I rose to my feet once they were gone and brushed my muscular bulk down, then took off through the woods in herculean leaps, knocking aside trees as though they were kindling wood with a single swipe of my meaty fists.

Surely a sub-par composition, beneath the behemoth of intelligence as Cleve has so often reminded us. The style is flat. The adjectives, generic. Cleve may be a jackass but his prose is not easily immitated, and certainly not very well done here. He does have a better hand than this piece of garbage.

Uh oh, Brian don’t do that anymore. You’re beginning to sound Blakemorian

I wouldn’t say that I like Cleve but, I do find his posts amusing. You just can’t take him seriously then I think one can just laugh at his strange nonsense. I always assumed that he was a troll. (Meaning that I thought that he believed the nonsense that he wrote but that he was confrontational on purpose just to get a rise out of people.)