Welcome to Coffee Talk. (Homeworld 2)

Okay I’m getting the game today, and spent many many hours playing the demo. Allow me to make an observation for you talk amongst yourselves:

Homeworld 2 is to Homeworld as Tribes 2 is to Tribes…

Is that true? Is that a bad thing? Discuss.

Well, I wasn’t a Tribette, so I can’t compare, but from my experience with the demo it seems that Homeworld 2 is to Homeworld what Advance Wars 2 was to Advance Wars. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all, and I’d probably buy HW2 today if I didn’t already have so many games to play. I’ll pick it up before Christmas, though.

So it’s inanely buggy and runs like a lead tortise, then when it’s fixed it becomes evident it lost its soul when compared to the first game?

Actually I was thinking more along the lines of same basic gameplay modified by the whims of the hardcore fanbase with a graphical upgrade. I have no reason to believe H2 is unstable. I never really had any problems with Tribes 2 for that matter.

It was stable and ran fast for you at launch?! Yipes. Took 2-3 months before it was playable on my state-of-the-art system (for the time). Of course, I had a GeForce, and I heard ATI cards got away with fewer problems…

I thought the “hardcore” Tribes fanbase hated Tribes 2?

Anyway, I like the Advance Wars comparison better. I picked up my copy of Homeworld2 today as well and I’m looking forward to getting into it tonight.

One thing (based on the demo) I find interesting is that it seems fighters and corvettes are a lot more useful in H2. They seem a bit tougher, and with the ability to target subsystems, more useful as part of a combined fleet.


Sometimes I have nightmares about trying to play Tribes 2… All I see is a blinking red network socket icon.

Never did get to play the game much… they patched ONCE that fixed the game for me - and then the next and all subsequent patches (that I tried until my tolerance for it gave out) returned the bug. Bah.