Welcome to our new Formicidae overlords


Apparently, every Argentine ant everywhere, are buddies and will get along.


“…while another in the US, known as the ‘Californian large’, extends over 900km (560 miles) along the coast of California.”

Jesus Christ, people, get out of there while you still can!

Interesting article.

“Californian large” sounds like good marijuana.

Crap, now I’ll have to ask my toilet ants if they have kin in Argentina.

I, for one, welcome our new ant overlords.

I think I’d trade the fire ants found around here for a Argentine ant mega-colony anyday. Then again, once the Argentine ants reach Texas/Louisiana, they will be needing some ant-buddies cause the fire ants are some mean buggers.

Does this mean we’re in Phase IV now? How do I secure a spot as one of the guys who gets paired up with a hot nekkid chick instead of one of the guys who gets eaten?


I played It Came From the Desert. I am totally not getting eaten.

But I’m not a hot nekkid chick, either. :(

It should be obvious by now. Wave your antennae in exultation for the almighty tallest. Fanaticism for the cause and the colony will be richly rewarded with royal jelly.

That queen looks pretty mean.

God, I loved that movie.

Are we sure it’s ants? Otherwise we could be in Sandkings.

You need to start importing thorny devils and exposing them to gamma rays to create giant mutant devils. They’ll fight on the frontline against any would-be ant overlords. They are also very, very picky, so they won’t eat anything else. Ever. Although they might take an eye out with those spines.

Beautiful animal. Its eyes look pretty cool, don’t they?

Fake! That picture is totally 'shopped.


I saw that movie as a kid and that shit made me sick to my stomach. All prying a corpse’s hand open and ants crawling out. BRRRR!

Take off the beret, and be funny but not too funny or you’ll get the comic relief death, which can be crotch related and painful.

I beleive those eyes can shoot blood out at you if he gets nervous.

First hit on Google, but I reckon it’s a captive animal with a painted backdrop in a reptile exhibit. The animal is real though, I used to have one as a pet. Well actually not really, someone dropped it off in Darwin (well outside its native range) and I tried in vain for weeks to get it to eat… anything. It turned its nose up (just like that photo) at all food until I found someone travelling to Alice who gave it a good home (where it now apparently eats just fine).

And yes, it shoots blood out of its eyes if you piss it off.

I thought that was this guy…

Like so…

Though if one thing can shoot blood from its eyes like the world’s worst X-Man, I guess it’s not hard to believe that anything can if it tries hard enough. Hell, maybe I’ll give it a go. Seems like a hell of a bar trick.