Welcome to our newest member, ÏÎÇÄÐÀÂËßÅÌ!

How is that pronounced?

I bet he has the loneliest WoW character.

I imagine it’s a series of clicks and phlegm.

So, just like your honeymoon, eh?


I vote to stake the sick klackon.

God bless you. Now, who is the newest member?

I’m kind of spooked by the near-total lack of demented idiots in Tom’s latest “I Suck, So I Bulk-Added Everyone” new-account wave. Maybe ÏÎÇÄÐÀÂËßÅÌ will get on the crazy bus and take us all for a proper ride.


Welcome to our newest member, MattioDillona

Please tell me that’s someones real name.