Welcome to our newest member

That’s a very interesting play on words in the title there right?

What’s the play on words? We’ve had users named “pen” and pens 1-14 before, I’m sure he was just taking the first available one.

“I’ve always loved pens, but I’m pretty ignorant about what the best brands are, what features I should be looking for, etc. So I decided to do some research on my next big pen purchase. Any ideas? Searching on Google gave me this website called World of Pens, and it’s pretty awesome: http://www.theworldofpens.com/main.asp

He should try penisland.net

Wow, is there a whole island just for pens? Awesome.

Pens are friends.

I’ve gotten a few emails from pen15, actually, trying to sell me something or another. I haven’t looked too closely at them, because I think my Bank of America account has been deactivated (they’ve been sending me emails warning me about it for a while now).

I’m getting a lot of warning e-mails from the Fifth Third Bank lately. But of course I use the Third Fifth Bank, so I know they are bogus.

Pen 15 real, real 15 pen,
Pen 15 feeling, feeling pen,
Pen 15 wanting to be penned.
Pen 15 touch, touch 15 pen,
Pen 15 reaching, reaching pen,
Pen 15 asking to be penned.
Pen 15 you,
You and me,
Pen 15 knowing,
We can be.
Pen 15 free, free 15 pen,
Pen 15 living, living pen,
Pen 15 needing to be penned.


Welcome to our newest member.

Does anyone else appreciate the irony in nutsak being the one to bring this up?

I don’t think it’s irony. I think you kind of have to be there already to call yourself nutsak.

Back in high school physics our teacher, when talking about leverage and such, would often call describe various levers as “long, slender members”. I don’t think he ever managed to say the phrase without at least a handful of snickers from students (which he normally didn’t hear because he was old and deaf).

I’ll take penis mightier for one hundred, Alex.

Well, at least pen15 might have something pruriently interesting to say. My real worry is with the new member of a few days back, “sellphone.”

Alright, I confess. I know we’re not supposed to, but I wanted a second account, and YES, sometimes I type with my dick.

Pen15 and nutsak sitting in a tree…

One dangles below the branch.

In the spirit of welcoming, I hope we’ll be seeing more of our newest member: