Welcome to Radio Garden


Welcome to Radio.garden. Have fun!


Wow this is awesome


Yes I like this.


The stations near me are kooky jerkwads.


I already know that the stations near me suck.


Thanks, morton!
Spinning around the globe right now, listening to far better stuff than iheart radio!


This is depressing. I tried to do a “guess the country” quiz with my girlfriend. Aside from France, Greece, China, and all the Arabian speaking nations, (which play French, Chinese, Greek and Arabian-speaking music), every other country just seems to play American/UK English-speaking pop.

“This is Adele”

Actually, Indonesia had quite a lot of talky-radio, so that’s a good one to pick for a quiz,

7 Billion people on Earth, yet Simon Cowell and co rule the airwaves.


There’s a lot of fire and brimstone baptist doomsday cult stuff out there.