Welcome to the new Quarter to Three forum

On the subject of tracking: it would be swell if the watch/mute/etc. drop-down were available from the first post and not just the last one. As it is now (I could be wrong here), you have to go to the end of a topic before you can choose to mute it, for example.

It’s also in the slider at the top right. I thought the same thing myself at first.

Wow, that is extremely helpful!

Am I imagining things @tomchick or did you change up the subforum ‘joke’ descriptions? They had seemed to be unchanged for a long time, but are different now…

They changed when we moved forums, I believe.

For more, see here (including, a little further down, stunning, revelatory commentary from the old-tagline-writer himself, @Mark_Asher!).

One complaint, and I don’t know if it’s fixable, but I notice that on my Nexus 7 (2013) in landscape mode, I can’t reply to threads and see what I’m actually typing because everything is hidden by either the keyboard or the Discourse interface. The only way it works at all is to flip it to portrait mode (which is obviously a thing I can do, but usually I have the device locked in landscape mode).

Android provides basically 50px of usable space in landscape mode, it’s built into the design of the OS. You’ll need to turn off some fixed elements in the layout (keyboard suggestions, etc) to deal with that – or get a smaller third party on-screen keyboard.

Is that just with Discourse? Because the previous full and mobile versions of the forums didn’t seem to do that.

How so? Every single website on earth has about 50px of vertical space to work with on Android when entering text in Chrome (in landscape mode). Look at the screenshots and see for yourself.

What screenshots are you referring to? All I’m saying is that with the vBulletin version of the forum, using Chrome on Android in landscape mode, I was able to see what I was typing when I’d contribute to a thread.
Not saying I know how that worked or that I generally prefer the old forum software or anything.
EDIT: I went to the ArsTechnica forums as a test (pretty sure they use vBulletin) and had about an inch of vertical space to work with. I think the big difference with Discourse is that the big ol’ navigation bar at the top (the blue one) covers up most of that.

New forums are AWESOME, amazing, and all around great! Thanks for doing this!

I was thinking we should make an even lighter light theme. Like, white on off white on bone on perhaps a smattering of khaki, for contrast.

Of course that makes me think of this…

And hey. Ha. Look who is sitting next to Bateman!


“It look so soft–”

The funny thing is one of the words on those business cards in that scene is misspelled. Watch closely!

I’m not seeing it. But then I effed up the word “looks” in the above quote, so I’m not gonna throw stones.


You can edit your posts, ya know, click the edit pencil.

I do know that, actually. But when I make that dumb a mistake, I usually just leave it for posterity.

Also, I never knew how to spell aquisitions. So nicely done on your part, sir.


I’m working on a project here where someone misspelled that same word about 10 times in a webapp. And the sad part is that the system we’re using is so completely stupid that the places where the misspelled text lives are spread all over kingdom come, so I had to hunt and edit and hunt and edit to apply the fixes.

Is it possible to adjust the scroll/load new threads treshold on the main thread list in category view? Right now I can’t move a single line down without waiting for new threads to load which doesn’t make for a very pleasant browsing experience.

edit: the problem seems to have disappeared, I don’t know what it was.