Welcome to the World of Scott Pilgrim

Q: What the fuck is Scott Pilgrim?
A: Well, there is a what and a who. The what being one of the best comics being published today and the who being the protagonist of the series, Scott Pilgrim.

Q: Ewww, a comic!
A: That’s not a question but yes, a comic. It’s a self contained series with five books (and a sixth one to be released). About 200 pages each for the price of a movie ticket. Here they are:

Q: So how awesome is it?

Q: Why?
A: Because…
he has a band called Sex Bob-omb?!

Q: How about a plot description?
A: Alright! So there’s a 23 year old guy called Scott Pilgrim and he’s dating some 17 year old Chinese girl because
A) It’s convenient and
B) Actually it’s pretty much just A.
But he meets a girl named Ramona and that’s when things get weird…

Q: That’s not a plot summary!
A: And that’s not a question! I just don’t want to say any more than that.

Q: Why?
A: Because it has the biggest left turn you’ll ever see. It redefines the left turn. The left turn is now called the Scott Pilgrim.

Q: Fine I’ll pretend to be interested to just shut the OP up. Where can I get the books?
A: At your local book store, comic book store, and online retailer. Basically everywhere!

Q: Is there going to be a movie?
A: Of course! Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera (as Scott) and a bunch of other young actors.
It’s a notable role for Cera as Scott Pilgrim because he can’t just play himself for once! Also it’s going to be all 6 books into a 2 hour movie. Disaster or masterpiece? You decide!

Oh and from this point on, beware of spoilers as this also a discussion thread

California has some expensive movie tickets.

I’ve read some of it, and while the first book is quite good, in my opinion it gets weaker as the series goes on. The nerdy in jokes that start out fresh start getting stale, and it gets too caught up in being self referentially “clever” instead of trying to tell a compelling story. Lots of people really enjoy it though, and the first book is worth checking out regardless.

I’d heard that a movie was being negotiated with Michael Cera attached as Scott. I’m not sure where that went though, it’s probably in development limbo.

You’re joking, right?

I completely disagree. The books get much better as they go in. I think the fifth book especially shows extreme maturity in storytelling. Not to mention the art is leaps better in the new volumes.

I have the first three books, but I think I’m done. They’re cute, light entertainment that appeals to mid-20s hipster-types. Like most Oni Press output, really…fun but ultimately forgettable.

See, I get where you’re coming from but maybe it’s because vol 4 and 5 are a big overall jump in quality. I initially read 1-4 all in a row and for the first book, I needed to read more to know if I liked it or not, with the second I thought it was getting better, and the third knocked it out for me. The fourth and fifth lack the raw feel of the first three but they are much better in terms of storytelling and art. The fifth is just, wow. It brings it from a fun series to one that actually has some deeper meaning.

Oh yeah! A comic book about a 23-year-old dating a 17-year-old. This is really going to speak to my life.

I think I got tired of mid-20s hipster shit when I was 18.

But it’s not… shit.

But yes, California movie tickets are indeed outrageous.

Scott Pilgrim is, indeed, awesome. I have nothing else to contribute.

That’s not really what it’s about. That’s how it starts. Like Lord of the Rings is about a hobbit that inherits his uncle’s estate.

It’s about a guy who meets the girl of his dreams and in order to stay with her, he has to defeat all of her evil ex-boyfriends in combat.

That’s not really a spoiler in my mind. It’s how I first heard about the book and got into it. Plus, that’s what you know by the end of the first book, in a six book series.

So, I’m not sure if that will disappoint you or entice you (i.e. I’m not sure if that was sarcasm), but the main thrust of the series won’t speak to anyone’s life directly, unless it’s the passion we go to win the right to be with our chosen. The character relationships, possibly the least of which being a romance with a high-school girl, that happens in between might. It doesn’t really to me (my history of relationships is not as troubled or complex or “small worldy” as Pilgrim’s).

I’m in book 3, and I have to agree the momentum is flagging since the first book (which was hands down amazing). But I’m still enjoying it for the stuff he is doing with the comic craft, and clever things are still happening, and it’s enough to continue with the series.

The iFanboy dudes (who got me on the series) actually went on at length about how it was kind of like their life. Well, Ron did. Apparently this is sort of how his early twenties were with the band and everything. So maybe you have to be under the age of 35 and in an unsuccessful band?

I’ve never read the comic but the author releases his own albums under the name Kupek and they are awesome:


Well, the ones I’ve listened to are awesome. (Awkward Songz, Before the Beginning and After the End, and Nameless, Faceless Compilation.) I haven’t listened to the other two yet. I recommend searching the page linked above for the song titled “On the other side of the world” which is the song that turned me on to his music.

If only Sex Bob-omb was this good.

It was.

I think that goes into the relationship stuff. Or maybe I’m just drawn to the fantastic stuff and see the band stuff as a sideline issue as a result. Although I can also relate to living in a crummy apartment with a gay roommate.

Either way, the point is there’s a lot of stuff going on and the high school girl doesn’t even register as a major component, so it’s very misleading to say that’s what its about (especially since I was very concerned that’s what it would be about in the first few pages, and it thankfully turned out not to be the case).

Uh, she’s 24, not 17. And 7 ex’s.

Exactly. I missed Ed’s custom title.

The high school girl is NOT the girl with all the ex-boyfriends. Which is why I say that it’s completely misleading to say that’s what the series is about. It’s not even what the first book is about.

And now it’s done. :)