Well, at least someone's buying the PS3


I did a story today on a group of kids from the University of Wyoming who got together to have fun with a new PlayStation 3. The owner of the game decided they should destroy the old PlayStation 2 because he wouldn’t need it anymore. One of his friends thought he would be funny and began to urinate on the game, but guess what…it was still plugged into the wall! He fell to the floor unconscious, but came to in about ten seconds and was rushed to the hospital.

It’ll just add insult to injury when he realizes his guitar hero controller doesn’t work with it. (yes, I know about the pelican adapter)

I thought that mythbusters busted urin as conductor?

Seems unlikely, but I’m not testing it.

I had thought that the Pelican adapter was cancelled because they couldn’t make it work with the guitar controllers, but we got one in the store this week and it says that it works with GH 1 and 2 on the package.

It was revisted and confirmed. Well, confirmed for the electric fence, busted for the 3rd rail. Not sure where the PS2 lays.

I love when researchers get a story so right they call the console a “game.”

Eh? How the hell did I miss that…

edit: Oh yeah. By working all the time and not playing games. Damn.

Heh… “researchers.” It’s Fox News, man.

FWIW, the Pelican adapter works with GH1 but it doesn’t work perfectly with GH2. It will not do HOs and POs among other minor things.


I now officially hate you and must insist you go to the hamster dance site as penance.

Based on my meager ability to only 5-star a few songs on Expert in GH2, I’d consider the lack of HOs/POs a deal-breaker… much more than a minor annoyance.