We'll guys.... I finally got that blow up doll

We’ll after deciding for a bit, I broke down and bought me a blow up doll… And here she is…


A little expensive but well worth it! I love my new Chasey Lain Doll!

When she was delivered to my house, it blew my mind thAT I actually had Chasey lain in my apartment. The hair, face, mouth and skin are so real!! Her vagina and ass are so life like!!!

I have her positioned in my kitchen sitting upright on my chair. when I come home from work, I’ll say to her “hi honey, how was your day” and “I see that you cleaned the apartment”. She doesnt say a word, unlike real women. She is so cool.

Then when I’m felling horny, I’ll grab her and we’ll make love in the bathroom, livingroom and bed. I can do her whenever and wherever I want to. So cool!!!

So, I recommend that everyone spurge and buy yourselves a blow up doll. They are so sexually gratifying.

Sorry guys… I hear Chasey Lain callin me!

“Coming honey”


We have gotten complaints that this doll loses air and has split open at the seams when weight was applied.

Well, so realistic she even farts in bed. Just remember to pull the covers over your own head.

i still cry when i see pics of chasey.

she used to be so perfect and then some hack totally fucked her tit job up. they look like water balloons filled with cement.

you’d think being in the sex indutry that they would get the best of the best for surgeons, but i have seen better implants on topless dancers at The Men’s Club in houston…something to be said for Franklin Rose’s work.

any - enjoy your fucked up chasey. i guess you could always just keep her flipped over so you can ignore those terrible tits.