Well it seems like the gaming industry knew about TRU

I have ps2 xbox and a GC

I’m looking for something good to get at TRU
Of course all the games that were supposed to be released are either not being sold at TRU or have conviently pushed their dates back

Fatal Frame 2 Xbox from 10/26 to 11/01
DOA Ultimate xbox from 10/27 to 11/03
Leisure Suit Larry NOT FOR SALE AT TRU

I know there was last post pretty much turned into a Nocturne/ Druga chat

So what should I get.

I’m looking at

Eve of Destruction.
Guilty Gear
Espn Basketball
Paper Mario
MK Deception
SW Battlefront
Phantom Brave

Any Recommendations or Comments about those games would be great

Pikmin 2 is excellent.


They had Leisure Suit Larry at the TRU near me, but it was only in the locked cabinet behind the counter (no display on the regular shelves) and they had been placed face down in the locked cabinet.

DOA Ultimate was disappointing because TRU had it listed in the Sunday flyer about the ad.

Otherwise, Eve of Destruction and Paper Mario to round out the three.

Which one? If you mean reload for the Xbox then definitely get that.

I got Nocturne and some other stuff. That was probably a waste because now I think of my entire gaming collection as “Nocturne and some other stuff”.

GTA isnt sold there? Why?


I’ve already read of several people who got San Andreas at TRU, during the buy 2 get 1 deal.

really the store i went to said they weren’t going to carry that title. hmmm

I was just looking in TRU today (for some GC stuff) and saw that they had San Andreas out for sale. (Too bad they didn’t have Paper Mario 2 out, or they might have made a sale between that, Pikmin 2, and something at random.)

Fable is a good pick, but only get Guilty Gear if you mean Reload. X2 for PS2 is awesome, but just plain irrelevant now.

ok which one im at the store

paper mario check
doa ultimate check
free game sw battle front eve of mk deception or eve of d

doh double post stupid phone

You’re posting from the store?

Probably Eve of Destruction, based solely on what Tom says. Battlefront sucks and DOA and MK are both… not as good as other games.

Don’t forget, Toys R Us has a 45 day return/exchange policy on unopened games. I bought an extra two $49.99 games and I plan to exchange them for Metal Gear Solid 3 and DOA Ultimate upon release. I did this last year as well, and it’s a great way to take advantage of the sale even if the game you want isn’t in stock this week,

thanks for reminding me about the 45 days!!

Final list
3 DK Konga
4 Taiko Master!!! :( wtf 59.99 I didn’t even check the price, because I assumed it would be the same price as DK
5 MK Deception
6 Fable

of those I will probably trade back T Master, DK. and Mk for POP2 and Kotor 2

Not sure about where you live, but both GT3: SA and DoA:U are both on sale at my Toys 'R Us.

lol doa showed up why i was at the store. As for GTA, this store had it albeit sold out, but they at least carried it. The other store I had gone to said they would not carry it due to rating concerns.