Well, its come to this, I guess


Wow. What kind of piece of shit human being at a company arranges to take away a desk and chair from someone who is terminally ill and has already owned it for years? Like what the hell are they going to do with it anyway?

You should call your local news stations. I’m sure they’d love to report on a company that treats a terminally ill employee with such grace and dignity.


That’s actually a great idea. I know that it probably feels wrong, like you’re taking advantage of muckraking news, but I don’t think you should be worried about that. Plus you can mention the GoFundMe and why you need it. Hell, PM me the details and I’ll call your local news myself.


My old company draws a LOT of water in this town and is behind just about every charity and local event. They’d bury it. Pretty sure they’d find mother way to make my life more miserable. They also hold the mortgage in my house (they are a bank). I’m having enough trouble as it is. I’d probably living under a bridge by year’s end.


Seriously though, I am not sure how much unemployment you might get, I’m assuming you qualify, but the utilities usually have aid type programs, either directly through them or some community organization. There’s a line in some of the bills that reference that aid/low income stuff. I know it can feel overwhelming and a desire to just shutdown might kick in, especially since your company is being ass about furniture of all things, but reaching out to them and others to see what resources might be available to help you through a tough time might help.


Sorry to hear that. I still think it could work, as we’ve had a lot of local news stories here that have looked awfully bad for some big companies in the area. But you know your own town best!


It really sucks to hear your ex-company is doing that to you. I understand why there are some waves you might not want to make. But it does make one want to expose them for that kind of shitty behaviour.

5-6 years ago, I’d have had the disposable income to drop decent money on your GoFundMe and would happily have done so. These days, I struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month and have got a wall of debt heading my way. So I haven’t posted here yet because I feel really bad about not being able to do anything tangible to help. And I can relate to the stress and feeling of hopelessness you feel.

But I wanted to echo what others have said. You have people rooting for you. We care. And we are here to share the load and give you a place to vent and seek advice. Take @Nesrie’s advice and check out what help you can get. Every little bit will help.

Hang in there.


Since you put it back up, I think it’s bullshit companies use credit checks like that. There is no real evidence that links someone going through a hard financial time to company theft or misconduct. Credit Reports are also notorious for errors.There were bills or at least discussions about laws floating around to try and end that stupid practice. It’s like salt in the wound making someone struggle financially struggle even more by limiting their employment prospects. Let me rage for you!


Yeah its crazy, and I googled a bit, seems states are trying to get laws in place to block such checks.


See the problem is even some of these laws are not good enough:


Q: Are all employers covered by the law?
A: No. The law makes exceptions for:

  1. Federally insured banks and credit unions;

  2. Law enforcement agencies in the employment of public safety officers who are peace officers commissioned by a city, port, school district, mass transit district, county, university (under ORS 352.121 or 353.125), Indian reservation, the Superintendent of State Police (under ORS 181A.340), the Criminal Justice Division of the Department of Justice, The Lottery Commission or the Governor, or who are regulatory specialists with the Liquor Control Commission. The exception applies if such persons are responsible for enforcing the criminal laws of the state or ordinances related to airport security; and

  3. For employers that are required by law to use individual credit histories for employment purposes. Finally, there is an exception for employers that obtain or use credit history information because it is “substantially job-related” and only then if the reasons for use of the information are disclosed in writing to the employee or applicant.

Q: What does “substantially job-related” mean?
A: Credit history information is substantially job-related by definition if: (1) an essential function of the job requires access to financial information not customarily required in a retail transaction other than a loan or extension of credit (i.e., beyond check information, credit card numbers or debit card numbers); or (2) the employer is required to obtain credit history information as a condition of bonding or insuring the employee. OAR 839-005-0080.

He came from one of the excluded industries, I think, and I am also in a position where OR law would allow it. Not sure if CA does or not. It’s just not right. There is no evidence that says because you are on down times that would lead to stealing.


I’m kind of speechless. I didn’t even know termination for bad credit is a thing. James, I’m sorry this is happening to you. It must feel like at every turn your dignity is being attacked; just remember that it can never be taken away. Sick, unemployed, whatever… you have untold worth as a person and always will. I hope this doesn’t sound trite, because I mean it very sincerely. Please keep us updated.


I’ve heard of such a thing, but never experienced it.
Although my latest employer put me through so many hoops, I have no idea what I gave them permission to check.
[EDIT]: Oh wait, you’re talking about termination for bad credit as opposed to credit checks when hiring. Either way, I’m opposed for the reasons I gave below.

Bad enough they do credit checks when renting apartments, but how the hell are you ever supposed to get yourself straightened out if you can’t get a job in your own industry?

I mean, I understand their reasoning, but I think the logic is totally flawed.
I know plenty of people with great credit that are total crooks, and plenty of people with bad credit that are still honest and trying their best to make a go of it.
And everything in between.


I have a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. Its pretty useless outside of the financial industry. Like I said my credit is in the toilet because of my illness and my education. They even brought it up like a back-handed compliment. My education was very expensive. I was also in the middle of getting my PhD when I got sick and put it on hold. I don’t know what’s going to happen anymore. I don’t feel like anything good will ever happen again.


Just wanted to make a quick update. I’ve been working with a number of local programs and have given myself some breathing room. I again, can’t thank you all enough for all the love and support through this. I’ll continue to update as things arise.


Glad to hear you managed to create that breathing room. Good luck and keep us updated when you can/feel like it.


Great news, James. I’m sure it’s still rough, but I’m glad you’ve found the help you deserve. Definitely let us know how things are going.


That’s excellent. Thank you for sharing.


Good to hear!


Just keep pluggin’ away mate. You shall overcome!


This is great news. I’m so glad you were able to find organizations to assist you. Please keep us updated, and try to stay as positive as you can.


Well, I type this to you from the floor of my house. The company that I was terminated from took back my computer desk and chair. Unfortunately I cannot afford to replace them right now, as I can’t even afford to give my daughter a Christmas. Her mom is making a lot of hay out of her dad being a “nothing”. Trying to stay positive. I still have my house, and the utilities are still on. I can’t believe how swiftly I was brought lo. I feel so much shame and disgust in myself that its come to this. I can only hope that 2019 brings some happiness my way, though I don’t know if happiness will ever find me again.