Well, lookie what turned up on eBay

The story over at some guy’s website.

Rembember the crook who ate the necklace and the cops held onto him until he pooped it out?


Pictures of poop on your website = bad.
Making it part of a category of news = worse.

Oh, but it fits the story so well…

Hey, besides, it’s not real poop… it’s Spencers’ poop, lovingly hand-crafted by Taiwanese poopsmiths using their time honored traditional methods. I have only the finest in rubber poop on my website. I ask you to please respect that, even if you cannot properly appreciate the art behind it.

If you’ve mistaken me for politically correct, I’m sorry to disappoint you. However, what I lack in tact and professionalism I do more than make up for with classy art.

Is this how desperate you have become for traffic? You can’t just link to the ebay article? And wasn’t the focus of your site going to be multiplayer gaming of single player games? And you have a category for robots, but a gaming site has to put a demo of a video card under random shit?

You might want to concentrate on the content a little more. A backend has never made a gaming site.



Actually, I changed the topic that the video was under… I filed it under the random category because I didn’t have anything suitable for it at the time. Then I went about making something.

And as far as the link back to my site goes, there’s two reasons I did that… firstly because I’m testing my site out, fixing bugs and such. I’d rather have people here comment on that than random folks. Secondly, it saved me having to repost the whole thing.

How can I be desperate for traffic if the site has only been up for a couple of days? OMM, now that’s a site in desperate need of an update (badum-bum). :-)

Nobody ever said I was trying to run a “serious gaming website” over there… and it’s certainly not going to be. I’m of the opinion that a select few make money on the internet, and everybody else is dabbling. I’m dabbling. I wanted to learn Linux and PHP - this is my method.

I look at it this way… there are 5,000 websites that post the same stories every day. A few have original content that is worth reading. I’m one guy, and while I’ll write the occasional review or editorial, I can’t sit here and claim that I’m going to churn out a website full of daily updates and whatnot. Also, I can’t make any claims of intent that I’m going to watch over the whole “gaming scene” and report on it… and besides, that’s what gamespy, gamesdomain, avault, gamespot, and everybody else does. Am I going to even conceive of competing with that? Not on your life.

Thus, coregamer is going to be defined by the content I can cook up when I’ve got the time and motivation. However, the news page where I’m doing the majority of my fiddling right now is going to be open to public submission and publicly moderated. I spent a lot of time fixing the code to make it work right, and any time I fix something I break something else, so I’m putting some filler bullshit up there and hoping a few people catch on and start adding their own so I can see if this thing works or not.

So, yeah, the focus of my actual articles - when I get to that point - is going to be more along the lines of what I’d spoken about before. However, right now I’m too busy putting my toy together to play with it the way I want to.

First for those who are seeing this beta site for the first time - this is what, Aszurom or whatever name you are using now, a conservative estimate, maybe 20 times I have seen a beta for this site? Site building can be fun, but then don’t kid yourself you are doing anything but site building. You asked in another thread about content and focus, I was pointing out a problem here.

I apologize for thinking it was going to be a gaming site. I guess coregamer in the url threw me for a loop and the other 19 versions of the site seemed to have something to do with gaming. I even think I remember, maybe it is just a hazy dream, that in one version you just showed videos of you playing games. I think that was my favorite.

As for - How can I be desperate for traffic if the site has only been up for a couple of days? OMM, now that’s a site in desperate need of an update (badum-bum).

I think you got your big mad lib of webmaster jokes confused. You put in an update joke in a traffic joke space. Go ahead and try again.


Oops, my bad… yeah. Well in that instance I was desperate for a witty riposte.

Hey, at least you noticed the other 19 versions… hehe. Yeah, taken in that perspective I’d agree with you that I’ve been a lot more focused on the actual construction of the site than the content therein. In this case, however, I’ve got a site at this point and now have no excuse but to actually put stuff on it.

Now, about that video thing - that’s part of the plan here, actually. Not a lot of it, but I do want to start doing some video work again. God knows I invested in enough equipment for it that I need to put it to use. I have fun doing that sort of content creation too, so maybe I can stay motivated with it. My philosophy is that if you can see a game in motion a little bit, iit gives a much clearer picture of whether you’re going to like it than just looking at a screenshot. Gamespot seems to have video of everything from Pong on - that amazes me. I need to pick their brains a bit.

Did you see the Mitch Gittleman interview I did at E3 last year for GDR? I was really pleased with how that turned out. If I’d had a little better equipment with me - a tripod for starters - it would have been better, but I did manage to fake a professional looking video nonetheless. :-) The ability to splice in video of gameplay here at home helped a lot - I find it impossible to take video of a CRT screen without getting a lot of “roll”… the Gamespot guys must have a spiffy camera that synchs refresh rates or something. Of course, E3 only comes once a year, so I’ll probably put up a lot of video interviews with various family members bitching about how I play on the computer all the time.

But yeah, in the other post I was asking for ideas about the sort of content I should think about doing. Your mention of the video stuff won’t go forgotten… next I need to figure out my formatting for articles and whatnot, because that’s not hard-coded into the site yet. I need to try a few test runs before I commit to a format I think.

Buying it on eBay with your Mastercard? Priceless.

Yep, that turd…

But I hear you. You want to be different and stand out, so I can understand you wanting to keep your turd picture. Say, why don’t you animate it and make flash on and off, really draw your eye over there and get a good look. You don’t want people thinking that you’re embaressed by how crass and tasteless a picture of a huge turd is. Go for it. Power to the people, dude.

It doesn’t have a bit of class, its not professional, and its tasteless… shrug, its his site tho, who cares. If a pile of shit offends you, what are you doing still on the net?

See what $5 on paypal can get you? I love the interweb.

I’m not offended, I’m just not a coprophiliac. Is that OK? I just think it’s a bad design choice. I don’t like rotating flaming skulls or background MIDI either. I don’t think they’re unethical though. Cripes.

>If a pile of shit offends you, what are you doing still on the net?

Can’t argue with logic like that. I suppose if I want to keep my email account, I’ll have to learn to live with photographs of shit.

So, if I understand the sentiment correctly, I should most likely bury the shit?

I’m truly amazed at the sheer popularity of it, however… so, I think I’ll keep it stashed away and only take it out on special occasions, like holidays and such. Perhaps I could photoshop it golden-chrome and use it as an award for truly bad games.

On the bright side, no matter what I achieve in website fame and popularity, at least a small segment of the population can look back fondly and remember when Coregamer was just an upstart website with an iconization of rubber poop on it.

Would anyone now care to be constructive and suggest another image that suits the purpose?