Well written article on game audio


I think that more and more developers are realizing that quality audio is one they can stand above their competitors.

Not to be TOO glib, and I didn’t bother to actually “read” the article, but the fact is, I’m not personally interested in interactive music.

If the music and sound effects can make the game a bit more intense, then that’s great, but it’s not going to sway my decision about which game to buy from a number of similar titles. Then again, I’m totally not an audiophile in any way.

Just my 14.2650 Chilean Pesos.

Ok…I went back and read the article.

Then I remembered how cool it was in X-COM when you hear that scary music in the background and the cool extra-terrestrial sound effects when you click on the buttons.

Yay sound!

Although if I had to choose between blind and deaf, I’d still choose deaf. Cause, come on, what do boobies sound like?

P.S. That is not supposed to be a Zen Koan.

I mean, look, if somebody says I get to choose between playing “Mozart Tournament 2005,” “Bach Didn’t Live Forever: The Maestro,” and “Ravel: The Minor Key Project” I’m going to choose none of the above. That’s all I’m saying.

SpoofyChop flood alert… Put on your highwater pants!

Hahahahah! Oh my god I’m laughing so hard I have tears coming out of my eyes. Whew!

Oh man… <wiping eyes> Now those posts were funny. :lol: