Welp, it's official:

There’s no WMD in Iraq.


Heh, I thought this was an old thread. Then I click on the link and see the CIA is only just now figuring this out.


It was never about WMD, Tony said it was because Saddam was a bad man and we are better off without him.

If I wasn’t conditioned by the media to have the attention span of a goldfish I might recall some hoodoo about Saddam being 45minutes away from raining death and destruction down on us all with a massive armoury of NBC weaponry. But right now I’m pretty sure it always because he wasn’t a very nice man.

So Saddam is responsible for Will & Grace? Okay. I’m back to supporting the invasion.

“The gun kata treats the gun as a total weapon…”


What awesome fighting, yet what horrible movie.

they are RIGHT THERE!

Right? Right??

There’s quite a bit of CYA going on in that article. I guess it should be expected.

Leaving the door to the investigation open just a crack, the U.S. official said a small team still operates under the U.S.-led multinational force in Iraq, although the survey group officially disbanded earlier this month.

Among unanswered questions, Duelfer said a group formed to investigate whether WMD-related material was shipped out of Iraq before the invasion wasn’t able to reach firm conclusions because the security situation limited and later halted their work. Investigators were focusing on transfers from Iraq to Syria.

Holy crap, those Google Maps satellite images are good!

We should obviously invade Syria to find those missing weapons.

Screw that. We should invade Saudi Arabia for the oil and human rights abuses.

The WMD are kind of like when in risk you point to the next country you’re invading and reach for the dice. Kamchatka’s next, bitches!

On a related note:


Gallup: 50% of Americans Now Say Bush Deliberately Misled Them on WMDs

This thread should have been called “CIA: We’re looking at balls, sir.”

Doesn’t matter. He’s already been re-elected.

Yeah. Because the President makes all the laws.

you mean breaks, right?