We're going back to Korea in Wargame: Red Dragon

Title We're going back to Korea in Wargame: Red Dragon
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 2, 2014

Eugen Systems has released a free DLC for Wargme: Red Dragon that adds twelve new units and an additional single player campaign..

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Any chance we'll get a review? You guys completely talked me out of a Red Dragon purchase based on the reported weakness of the single player ( ahuge letdown considering how good Airland Battle was), I'd be really interested to hear if that's changed with this.

It hasn't really changed much. I suspect Tom's assessment wouldn't be different.

I have had a hard time getting into Red Dragon too. I really loved ALB but something was missing with the balance in RD. Since the Eastern Europe DLC I have played more and I think it feels a lot more like ALB now BUt you have to avoid the desert maps and any map with a riven in the middle. This is sad because it is like 2/3rds of the maps.

This is only for multiplayer as well. Single player I have never really enjoyed.

Its on sale now, so it may be worth it.

So the new campaign is no better than the ones that come with vanilla? That's a shame.

SP (and by extension co-op) are really all I care about.

It isnt worse than ALB, its just not as big an improvement as it should have been. The improvements made are very much worth the proce of admission though imo. Time controls! You get to put it in slo-mo to watch those jets do their thing or your tanks fall to an ambush. It makes the micro much more manageable. I also find the campaign much better, especially the latest DLC one.