Werewolf By Night - Marvel Tackles Horror

First, a trailer!

Then reviews, which started dropping recently and this seems to be doing very well with critics. Looks like it’s coming out on Disney+ on Friday (October 7th), can’t wait!

And it’s a one-shot movie/special, meaning you don’t have to worry about it starting to sag 2/3 of the episodes in like a typical D+ show!

Werewolf By Knight was where Moon Knight made his first appearance. They could have put him in this.

This is… fine? Though I don’t know where it sits in MCU. It is like MCU is cannibalising all movie/tv genre, making e.g. Universal’s Dark universe redundant.

Yeah it was kinda weird and not tied into the MCU in any way that I can tell, but it wasn’t a bad way to spend an hour.

It was okay. Not as good as the Werewolves Within movie from Ubisoft, but it was fine.

I’m also confused as to how/why this comes from Marvel.

When I was a kid a lot of comic companies produced horror series etc. not sure if Marvel did but I do think it is a part of comics in general

not all comics from the same publisher are about the same thing, I’m fine if they do more like this.

Elsa Bloodstone was in Nextwave. I mean she had her own comic before that, sure. But that’s not as important as being in Nextwave, even if Nextwave is really Marvel adjacent (regardless of how different authors/editors keep treating it after the fact). Nextwave is as Marvel as apple pie!

(old comics nerd powers activate!)

So, this is actually 100% derived from the Marvel universe. It’s just from part of the Marvel comics universe that hadn’t been shown off in the MCU until now. It contains many strange byways and dark corners, including one filled with horror and monster characters. Three of the main characters in this come from there:

  • Jack. He’s the Werewolf By Night. He dates from the comic of the same name, which debuted in 1972 and is best known for being where Moon Knight first appeared. (Yep, Moon Knight started off as a werewolf hunter. Makes sense now, right? Oh, and Jack’s full name is Jack Russell. Really.)

  • Ted, a.k.a. Man-Thing. Marvel’s swamp monster, who first appeared in 1971, just before DC’s Swamp Thing (though both are in fact knock-offs of a much older swamp character called the Heap.) Ted is Kind of a Big Deal, and miiiiight actually play a role in upcoming big crossovers like the Avengers. Why? Because in addition to being a swamp monster, Ted is the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, a cosmic crossroads where all realities meet and anything might walk out (like Howard the Duck, who first appeared in a Man-Thing comic.) Such a place is obviously pretty important to the multiverse as a whole. Oh, and if you wondering why Ted’s reaction to people to is so … binary … just remember this simple rule: whoever knows fear, burns at the touch of the Man-Thing! But it’s OK, Ted (and yes that is his canonical comics name, Ted Sallis) is a chill dude if you approach him the right way.

  • Elsa Boodstone. Elsa is the daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, a monster hunter who had a very brief comics run in, wait for it, the 1970s. Elsa has been much more popular than her dad over the last couple of decades, appearing in her own book and on various teams such as Nextwave (per peacedog,) Legion of Monsters, and Midnight Sons.

“But what does it all mean?” you may ask. “I can’t possibly enjoy media unless I know how it relates to upcoming crossovers and franchises!”

Well, as I said, Man-Thing may show up somewhere in the whole multiverse saga that’s going in right now. And, looking further ahead, it’s very likely Marvel is trying to set up a supernatural superteam in the MCU (possibly branded as Midnight Sons - or Suns I guess they’re going with now) containing supernatural characters like Ghost Rider, Blade, and Moon Knight. Elsa/Jack/Ted could be used to round out that team.

I don’t need it all to relate to the MCU. I just didn’t know what the deal was with it being a Marvel thing.

Shrug. Like I said, it was fine.

I thought it was cool the way he answered your comment and certainly more than just a “shrug” it was concise, detailed and informative.

Good job I enjoyed it

Agreed. Overly sensitive response to a line clearly not aimed at anyone specifically. Great post, @HumanTon!

Thanks for the write up. As someone who knows little about the comics, that set things nicely in context.

Apologies, that was meant to be the rhetorical you and not the you you.

Elsa didn’t say anything about Europe, 0/10.

I watched this special over the weekend. I really enjoyed the visual style and the music, but I thought the story itself was just okay. I mean, it ended well, but it was so slow at the beginning. But if they were trying to emulate the storytelling style of old '40s Universal monster movies, well done!

I loved it. Felt like a cool themed episode of Angel or something.

Just finished this. I enjoyed most every minute of it. It wasn’t deep and didn’t really go anywhere you don’t expect it to. But it felt right as an homage to old monster flicks and I thought the cast did a pretty good job. I know the werewolf from the comics looks more manlike like this one did but I’ve always preferred a more wolffish face and head. Otherwise had a nice 45 minutes and wouldn’t mind seeing any of thaws characters pop up elsewhere.

Put me in the group that really enjoyed this and I haven’t overly liked the D+ Marvel shows.