Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

For some reason, people don’t seem as excited about this as they do the Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2.

Could it be because the music (and the IP, let’s be honest) were current in 1999?

Seriously, though, a good game where you can transform between man, wolf, and wolf-man has yet to be done–and I have many fond memories of the W:TA tabletop game–so I hope they pull it off with this one!

Uh excuse you Alien Weaponry are hella current-day :P

(Two part-Maori youths from New Zealand doing crunchy metals influenced by the cultural history and tales. Also, you know, cool AF!)

Just going from the trailer, all I get from it is that you are some werewolf that rages out and mass murders people. That doesn’t appeal to me. I do not care about being a werewolf, its just a gimmick. Is there a good story and is the world interesting to explore? Is there real meaningful character development? I get none of that from the trailer.

That looks awful.

Somehow that song sounds so much better when accompanied by the video. I usually hear it on sat radio (Liquid Metal channel). The visuals kind of cement it.

Too much like current events for my taste. Minus the actual “werewolf” bit of course.

Ok does that look like a last gen (360 / PS3) console game to anyone else?

This game doesn’t appear to be it, but I’d love something that goes deep on Wyrm/Wild/Weaver cosmic conflict with all the oppressing industrial banality as the proxy war (not just blowing up corporate droids in a series of office buildings.)

See also: central World of Darkness conflict between humanity and the monstrous, between what tethers you to the world and what threatens to set you perilously apart from it. I don’t really care for WoD RPGs, but there’s some hella meat on the philosophical bones there (if you can get past the relentless grimdark edgelordiness, of course). This game seems set to blithely ignore anything of interest inherent to the setting.

I mean it’s a really good video :)

Yes. I feel like I played this game already, except the main character was The Hulk and the year was 2002.

I didn’t even know this was coming out.

I hate this guy.

Ive played this for about 10 hours and it does everything i dislike about action rpgs.

If you look at the flawed master piece of Alpha protocol, you have a game that has multiple choices to be made, in and out of combat. in combat you have a array of choices that you can master based on the skills you choose to cultivate, you have choices to make in combat and usually multiple point of egress

Werewolf has almost no roleplaying choices out of combat, the skills offer slight influence on combat, but combats are linear affairs where you must stealth across a static puzzle environment, if you alert enemies you must survive wave after wave of enemies. you can impair certain spawn points, but the influence you have of the battlespace is often obscure. Sometimes you can arrow a guy and not alert a nearby ally, other times you do. Sometimes you can walk upon a patrol and take them out one by one as they walk along and other times it alerts them right away. Worse are the times, that alerting the enemy has to restart the mission. So stealth is the requirement and you must spend time over and over repeating the trial and error of figuring out the puzzle.

This is the worst of the worst examples of a action rpg, for me. I sooo regret buying this, even though i love the Vampire franchise and it spin offs. To be more specific, its a stealth action rpg, and the rpg elements are highly focused on building buffs for the action aspects not the building of useful skills that make the action feel more dynamic/tactical.

I was just perusing the weekly sales on Xbox and I see that this game is going for $20 this week, that seems … quick. I guess it didn’t do so great?