Wes Anderson American Express commercial



Wes Anderson has a thing that he does, and he does it extraordinarily well.

Cool. I wish that was a real film. What’s he working on, now? Still Fantastic Mr Fox?

Describe what you like about that?

shut up penis

Well, Steve, I’m assuming that if you didn’t like that, Anderson’s movies don’t do anything for you either. This is an incredible distillation of everything that makes his movies HIS into just a couple of minutes. There is a sort of quirky awkwardness and an enormous amount of cacophony that is reined into a minutely constructed, tightly controlled single effect/pan/tracking/joke setup/more tracking/joke payoff/more tracking/pan/crane shot.

Compared to, say, M Night’s AmEx commercial, not only do I find it more engaging and skillfully presented, but it would absolutely not be done by anybody but Wes Anderson. Certainly people are pretty strongly divided in the love/hate/don’t get camps on his work, and I can understand that, but this is exactly what a Wes Anderson commercial should be.

Edit: Just watched it again and noticed that they actually cut when the crane goes up, but it doesn’t really matter. That’s offset by the fact that there are 200 people in it.

just say shut up penis

I’m pretty sure they splice when they go in front of the wicker basket as well, but who cares? It’s one of the most brilliant things I’ve seen on television in ages.

That was beautiful, and has absolutely nothing to do with an American Express card.

I enjoyed Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket, but couldn’t really say that this commercial struck me as similar. I liked the pen destructing car gag, but didn’t understand who the characters were or what the point was.

I don’t really know much about long tracking shots, but I guess that means when he starts walking and talking to his assistant and the various people on the set? I couldn’t really catch what he was saying.

I realize now this series of commericals is different from the priceless ones, and that was the kind of commerical I was expecting. I was just wondering what people seemed to think was so obviously good about this commercial. I think it goes beyond being a fan of any one of his movies.

Amex is wise to get autor film makers to do these commericals, but Wes may not be mainstream enough for everyone to get it.

That was the point.

He’s at it again (this time for H&M)