Wes Anderson's Asteroid City, arriving in June 2023

Well, we have a poster at least.

Trailer tomorrow, on the 29th.

Plenty of familiar Wes Anderson Players in this ensemble. But some intriguing “new” faces as well.

That’s a pretty stacked cast.

Stacked. Ridiculous. I worry perhaps even “bloated” may apply. But “intriguing” also leaps to mind.

I love that title.

Sad that Bill Murray isn’t in it.

Bill Murray is kind of in the doghouse as of late. (A lot of talk about him being very difficult on set, actors not liking working with him)

But also, he might still be a surprise cameo.

Excited for some of the new faces, Hong Chau (one of my favorite actresses at the moment), Steven Park (who is awesome in everything), and Jake Ryan (who is also great in everything)

The wife and I just re-watched Grand Budapest Hotel, I think it is the 2nd or 3rd time I have seen it, and it remains one of my favorites of his. Excited to see Tony Revolori in this too, he hasn’t been in a ton of films (I think he is in those spiderman movies) but he was so good in Grand Budapest! Matt Dillon, Margot Robbie and Steve Carrell all seem like surprises to me.

Though, basically all of his movies have a “stacked cast” and end up using a lot of very famous actors in a lot of smaller roles or parts.

Wes Anderson remains one of my favorite directors of all time. People can make fun of his style and parody it, but it is unique. It is something that no other director can do/is doing the same. His movies are always at least visually interesting, which has been very difficult to see in theaters lately. I just love them so much, definitely “comfort movies” for me. Especially Moonrise Kingdom, which is my favorite (probably because I spent every summer at multiple summer camps, including a boy scout camp, and I love Benjamin Britten and Alexandre Desplat’s score )

Tom Hanks is the real stunt-cast here, right? First time he and Anderson have ever worked together, I think?

Awesome! That cast is insane. I would like one ticket, please, for the new Wes Anderson film.

Largely inspired by a post trig made on Facebook a while back, I finally screened The Royal Tenenbaums for my students last week and we worked on it in class yesterday. I hadn’t seen it from beginning to end in probably fifteen+ years so it was great fun to share, and on a big screen too. Most of them had never seen Gene Hackman before (!) so we’re very much probably doing Unforgiven soon.

We studied Babe earlier in the semester and I was delighted to discover how much it has in common with The Royal Tenenbaums. The storybook/novel framing device, the cute, little mice everywhere, and structurally, both films put the Act 3 moment of epiphany on to characters other than the protagonist. (In Babe, it’s Rex the dog. In Tenenbaums, it’s Chas.) I can only assume Wes loved Babe as much as the rest of us.

I always try to sequence their movies the way a DJ sequences a playlist and I have to admit I was awful damn proud of Nomadland > Thelma and Louise > Harold and Maude > The Royal Tenenbaums. Tomorrow we’ll be watching Ghost Dog so it’s another week of birds flying cinematically over NYC. Go, Mordecai!

“The Duck of Death.”

But no Wilson boys?


Comfort food and fucking amazing are not mutually exclusive.

Oh god I cannot wait for this one.

Exactly this.

Looks good, I shut it off halfway because I didn’t want too many spoilers in my head. I’ve been getting into Anderson backwards, I finally sat down and made myself watch The French Dispatch sober, undistracted, and calm and it flipped me around completely. Y’all call it comfort food, for me it’s the opposite, the constant shouting of the cinematography vs. the subtlety of the humor vs. the ridiculous characters vs. the great actors always has me spinning around. I can watch arthouse and I can watch goofball, but mix them together and I struggle.

Anyway, since then I’ve gone back to Life Aquatic, which I hated and now really like, Grand Budapest, which I was Meh on and now love, and Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I don’t know how to feel about. All I’ve gotta say is that if there isn’t a fourth-wall dollhouse montage of a military bunker in this, I’ll eat my hat.

I can’t imagine feeling meh about a Wes Anderson film. He’s pretty much the ultimate Marmite filmmaker.

I might have to check this out at some point, just afraid I can’t afford the ticket back from Asteroid City.

For me, watching them while buzzed/drunk is like eating a fancy meal after smoking a pack of cigarettes. Keeps me from appreciating the subtle stuff, and I just want a cheeseburger.

I love The Royal Tenenbaums. I’ve enjoyed several of Anderson’s other films, but I guess sometimes I’d describe my feeling as “meh”. His visual style is always gorgeous, but sometimes I don’t think I really understand or appreciate what he’s going for under the surface. I can appreciate the superficial whimsy (for lack of a better word, maybe charm? quirk? meticulous absurdity?) but the often understated performances make it hard for me to connect on any deeper level. I don’t dislike them most of the time, I just come away from them thinking others are getting something I’m missing.