West Wing Finale

Farewell to one of my favorite shows.

Too bad it could not stay on the air to provide some relief from the idiocy of reality TV and the 57 versions of the same show…

It was very uneven, by the numbers, but that last moment of Bartlett looking out the window was a nice way to end things.

And I don’t know why, but I kept getting this weird feeling that the producers were going to do something completely out-of-the-blue and end the series on a shocker. Especially with all that build-up for the inaguration.

Also, way to not show up, Glenn Close. Jeez.

Sad day for tv and I thought the ep was extremely well done. I’ll miss it and it should definitely go down as one of the best tv shows of all time.

I teared up during the Bartlett-Charlie scene. I am a weak girly man.

I skipped the finale to watch Survivor, mostly because Matt Santos is a boring, boring character.

I did catch the series premiere at 7, though, and it reminded me of how great this show was out of the gate. My local TV listings had a list of “greatest WW episodes” and all but one were from seasons 1 and 2.


Nice sendoff. The show was due to be put out to pasture.

I’m a little disappointed we didn’t see Zoey, as she was a pretty big side character. Also it might have been nice to give Josh and Sam a final scene with Bartlett.


No Zoey? Who cares.

No Toby? Insane.

Sure, they made plenty of references to him, but no face time at all?

Still a decent enough ending to a great show. I can only hope that a spiritual successor makes its way back onto TV one day soon.

argh you’re right; how could I have left out Toby?!?

I think this show would have benefited from a two hour sendoff.

They were planning that, right? But then decided to go with the first hour as the initial episode. I think I read that somewhere.

They were going to have a full cast retrospective type send off like Will and Grace is getting later this week. NBC reportedly balked when the actors asked to be paid for showing up.


Given the amount of screen time Toby got in the penultimate episode, I don’t mind his omission here (and he was my 2nd favorite). Far too much to cover in a finale to not have issues with a 1 hour finale, so I’m not going to get upset about that.

He did get some decent scenes in the penultimate ep, but I still expected to see a reaction from him on the pardon issue. And we got nothing. It was strange, especially considering he was an original cast member.

I miss this show… :(

Me too. The finale would’ve been way improved with a little Reporter Gordon, though. They had some other stupid reporter bugging CJ.

Gordon. Hate that guy.

Me too. I’ve been getting lots of flashbacks lately while playing ME2. I keep expecting Shep to say, “Yes, Mr. President.”

I’m perfectly happy with Dule Hill on Psych where he belongs.

Remember when Bravo played West Wing reruns like six times a day? Good times.

That’s how I caught up on the show. I started watching the summer that Bravo started showing it. By showing it so often, they actually showed all the episodes before the season premiere for Season 5, so I was all caught up before the new season started. Unfortunately, the show was never as good after that, but it was still decent.

True, season 5 was probably the weakest, though once the campaign got going in 6 and 7 it picked up again. Sorkin’s early seasons are still the best.