Westboro Gay Rights Judo Trick

WARNING: Clicking on this link may result in blindness due to the pure awesome resulting therein.

Some of you know that I am a Christian. I find what this guy has done to be far more Christlike than anything Westboro Baptist has ever done. I would even go as far as to say he’s doing God’s work.

Most Christians find Westboro Baptist to be an embarrassment at best. This is fantastic.

Halfway through I started tapping my temple and muttering “smart, smart, smart, smart . . .” So obvious and so perfect.


Thread title is deceiving. Nowhere does he bust out any awesome martial-arts moves on them. Shame.

Yeah I saw this earlier. Set up donation areas right by the protests.

The sight of people whipping out their wallets in order to donate to the groups that they so hatefully protest against… ahhh it’s beautiful.

A genius solution.

And not only that, but submitting the donations in Westboro’s and Phelps’ names.

Comic-con countertrolls Fred Phelps.

I was just thinking how this was what needed to be done for Comic-Con; it’s wonderful to see that great minds thought like mine. :)

This is brilliant. “The best thing to do when confronted with the devil is to mock and deride him. Above all else, he cannot bear scorn.”

My favorite is the last picture:


This is completely awesome.

People should do this everywhere they protest.

Wow, I hadn’t caught the vid in the OP before but now I wish I had. It would have been a brilliant idea when the WBC folks cams around where I was about half a month after that.

God Hates Jedi

The Twitter/SDCC counter-protests would be cooler if the protestors were mingling among the Westboro protesters. But neither is cooler than the guy doing the fundraiser.

Although “MAGNETS HOW THE F@#&*$ DO THEY WORK” is pretty great :)

Arise ancient thread, and walk once more!

Fred Phelps is in a “hospice care facility” in poor health. I guess that he and the rest of the Westboro nutjobs had a falling out some time ago and he decided to stop eating or something. Sadly, his death will probably not mean the end of WBC shenanigans.

Did they kick him out because they felt he had become too extreme or not extreme enough? At any rate, Hospice takes good care of everyone, but also gay men who were end-stage AIDS patients so I’m curious how his hypocrisy handles that. It is tough for me to not say a lot of nasty stuff right now about what he deserves…

I wonder if the rest of the WBC will protest at his funeral?

I find it easy! He’s one of the worst human beings on the planet, and I hope he lingers for a long time, fully conscious, in incredible pain. In an perfect world, there would be a vengeful orderly on night-shift whose brother died in Iraq, only to have the WBC protest the funeral.

He is…but the best way for everyone to show how he’s failed as a supposed man of God, and as a human being, would be to gather outside his room with signs telling him they forgive him.

I don’t like to lie.