Western fires come to Qt3: Nesrie's mom lost her house

If you’ve been following the Mother 'Effin WEATHER Thread recently you know that Nesrie’s mother has lost her entire home to the fire that tore through Talent and Phoenix in Southern Oregon.

Nesrie and family have had to evacuate due to the Almeda Fire, and though they are safe at the moment, there’s a long road ahead to rebuild their lives, and a lot of support needed.

If you’ve been wanting to help a fire victim, this is a great opportunity. I’m throwing in $50, and collecting donations at my Venmo @doommunky, and Paypal at paypal.me/doommunky.

I will bundle them up and send all donations to Nesrie this Friday, Sep 18th.

Let’s make their lives a little easier! Every $5 will help. Thank you so much.

Wow, thanks folks. The donations are coming in and it’s really just cool to see these names I don’t know next to $20, to $10. Good deal.

I assume you are Mick Mize on Paypal? If not, I just donated to the wrong person.

Me too :)

Yep, that’s me!

This community is so awesome. Donations are coming in and it makes me so happy. Even someone from Australia donated! That’s like, 1000x when converted to US dollars! :) (poor aussies and their $100 video games)

Like I said, QT3 is a family.

I did as well, and am gratified to know I gave to the right account! It would suck if I just helped fund someone’s MAGA hat collection!

You DEFINITELY did not do that!

Is the rally turned off, Doom? PayPal still shows $0.

Is rally an ongoing tally? If so, I don’t know how to activate that or turn it on.

I’m trying to download reports in Paypal and Venmo right now to get some numbers! (I’ll ask Nesrie about sharing them out first, of course)

Holy hell. I have done some reporting, and between Paypal and Venmo we have raised


You are badass.

Gah sorry, yes, tally. Damned autocorrect, I blame thee!

Is it this Venmo thing US only? I used my paypal account so hope that works!

@DoomMunky I just kicked in on your PayPal account. Drop me a note to confirm.

Nah; Nesrie is badass, we’re just slightly helping in keeping things that way.

Agreed. Hang in there Nesrie.


You know what’s badass?


I’m choking up.

Does @Nesrie know about this fund yet?

According to the linked thread, yep, it would be weird otherwise.
Not that it isn’t weird anyway, between a person not wanting to ask, the givers wondering if it’s enough, feeling happy that we’re doing something despite the failure to prevent it, and PayPal taking a big chunk out of it. It’s unhealthy that this is still how society deals with things.
All this to say, tell me if we need more, I have no idea, but we can do it.

Donated. It’s not much but it’s my whole PayPal balance.