Westworld - Hopkins, robots, six-guns


The show completely falls apart when you think about it. This island is some kind of super-dimensional location that keeps expanding and expanding to continent size. They just introduced a faux Mount Fuji on the horizon(!!!) And yet the entire place is still networked by underground tunnels and labs almost everywhere. The cost of building something like this would be astronomical.

As for other parks, the guy who did come up with this entire thing did write about a different theme park that also ran amok…

Obviously, they couldn’t use the exact name, but you know if can create artificial animals, there seems to be a few obvious destinations…


Crichton went to the amusement park well no less than three times. Timeline also had its genesis as an amusement park for historical time traveling as ludicrous as that sounds.


It’s not been explicitly shown, I think I’ve just inferred it. The instances that does come to mind is one scene fairly early in the control mesa, where they speak of something Old William does that is disrupting storylines, and the response is “that gentleman gets to do whatever he wants.” The implication being that most guests would be reined in if they try to get too outlandish.

It’s been said that Sweetwater is Easy Mode, and things can’t hurt you around there. Further out in the park, hosts can knock you down, and - I assume - bullets will hurt more. I think that’s what we’re seeing, that Sweetwater and its surroundings is for newbies, and towards the edges you can actually get hurt.

Now, the physics of that is still handwaved away, but I do think it’s internally consistent.


The idea that they’d intervene seemed more like it was about preserving the narratives so it doesn’t spoil the plots for other guests than about preserving guest safety, because it doesn’t seem like decisions back in the control center would be able to react in time if it was about the latter. So that doesn’t really sway me, but I see how you could look at it that way.


I think the critics in this thread are correct that the show’s premise does not stand up to scrutiny. Unless it’s some sort of Matrix-esque mindfuck, of course.

I still enjoy the show, but the fact that there’s no way to discern host from guest does break a lot of the logic of these theme parks. You just can’t have knives/swords/bows and arrows in that world.

I’m also baffled by the size of the place.


I’m holding out hope for some kind of Truman Show/Wile E. Coyote reveal when someone walks face first into a painted horizon.


I’ll give you acting, and production values, but not the rest. Humans is pissing all over Westworld when it comes to writing and narrative and character development, let alone internal consistency.


Humans demonstrably does not have ninjas, either. It has Gemma Chan and that’s about it.


Are you throwing shade at Katherine Parkinson (formerly of The IT Crowd)? Tsk tsk.

I really like both shows, but it is true that WW gets a little “handwavy.”


These were the most inept ninjas I’ve ever seen. Did they even manage to kill one of their tatgets?


That one ninja killed himself pretty good.


They were there to steal Sakura. They did.


I should have seen the clear parallels between cowboy mythology and samurai mythology coming, but I totally did not, and now I am ashamed.

Because of course Seven Samura, Yojimbo, Rashomon, etc have a ton in common with the classic spaghetti westerns.

Anyways, samurai world reveal was excellent A+++ would watch again.


I mean it goes a bit beyond has in common with, Magnificent Seven is an adaptation of Seven Samurai, Fistful of Dollars is a remake of Yojimbo. and The Outrage is a remake of Rashomon but that move is lesser known.


They really should have named the guy Mifune.




BTW, during the ninja fight, was the picture super dark for everyone else? I wonder if it was just a phenomenon of my Panny Plasma, or if the fight was meant to be unfollowable due to, er, ninjas attacking at night.


I think it was intentionally dark. I was thinking the same thing on my LG OLED. HBO Go doesn’t support HDR but it seemed like I was watching non-HDR content with an HDR profile.




Well, this thread title is relevant again!