Westworld - Hopkins, robots, six-guns


Even if they didn’t light up, the THRMMMM noise is going to get you killed.


Ever heard someone’s Apple Watch vibrate? I never have. You can do haptics quietly if you try.


Not the way the show did it.


Maeve leaving her three badass companions behind seemed contrived.


But if was blinking red lights… kinda hard to hide. so stupid. it’s like a bullseye target on them! HA!


I don’t see any indication this serie is going somewhere.

I think the first season beneficed from having Hopkins. The second season is becoming Low Bets Rebellion on Dumb Planet of Apes.

I miss Dollhouse. I probably should watch it again.


Watch Humans (a British show now in its third season). It’s excellent.


Is there anyone else watching this but only sort of paying attention, leaving you basically unaware of what’s really going on? Just me? I have a general awareness that stuff is happening, probably even important stuff, but it all kind of blends together into “We have to get to/find the *******!” I did pick up that people know Bernard isn’t human now so I’ve accomplished something.


Thanks, I will check it!.


I really like this season, although it has quite a few contrivances. It’s not just repeating the previous season, and yet is doing quite well with world-building amidst the bloodbath.

In the first season, I was hopeful, but the show never really gelled into greatness. That still feels the case in the 2nd season, but it flirts with greatness so frequently that it’s at least rewarding and worthwhile. It greatly benefited from the return of Anthony Hopkins this week, and I’m looking forward to the Hanzee Ghost Nation episode next week.

It’s HBO quality, but far behind Sopranos, Game of Thrones, the Wire, Rome and Leftovers. It’s about Boardwalk Empire quality, slightly worse than Deadwood. But it’s better than Luck, Carnivale, Treme and True Blood.


OK… so Episode 7 was quite good… for a Season 2 episode of Westworld.

I think Episode 6 had been the ‘worst’ (most meandering) so far?

The problem is that Westworld is becoming like Lost… possibly thanks to JJ Abrams love of ‘The Mystery Box’ (read: backwards puzzle-piece story telling). All plodding to get to ‘a place’ that is either already figured out, or the journey/result simply isn’t interesting enough to ponder.

Jonathan Nolan seems quite good at focusing on some core ideas and sticking to them (The Dark Knight being a good example), which is I presume why Season 1 was interesting - the concepts are presented, tested, and then develop as a result - you aren’t constantly waiting for ‘answers’.

However, now, ‘The Maze’ becomes ‘The Door’, and ‘The Key’ and ‘The Valley’ and ‘The Company’ other 'The’s.

What does it have to say about Androids? Nothing really, because the show treats its robo-cast as ostensibly analogous humans, with some additional quirks.

Also, James Marsden.
There is a reason why Cyclops featured very little in XMen 2 & XMen:TLS. The less he has to do, the better - so just about becomes tolerable as of s2 - episode 7.


So far the time shifts have proven to be worthless, and we could have had the exact same story in chronological order. There’s been no secret reveal in the earlier timeline that has changed how I’ve perceived the future time line


In their list of Top Ten Things to Watch on TV, Variety listed Westworld. They cited Rachel Wood Evan Woods Evan Rachel Woods Evan’s performance as “Dorothy”.



The answer is always Mystery Box.


Was that her previous narrative?
Sumbady bitter faand ma troo Daadee!!!
James Marsden is the Tin Man.

And Bernard is the cowardly lion… by way of Kratos!


Bad serie is not really bad, but good?

I asked Youtube this question:


Seen the video. It only goes up to the end of the first series.
Series 2 is a different beast, right from its first scene.


Damn. That was like the best episode of the series. Everything suddenly tied together, and I wanted to give an Emmy to that dude.

Also, Maeve has the green light to go out in a blaze of glory now.


Damn, indeed. I’m just at the part where he’s telling his wife from a past life that they need to leave this world, and it’s the most affecting moment in the series so far. I think I got something in my eyes and all that.

It’s just so sad, knowing what we as the audience know.


There’s a point where he’s talking in Lakota and his face is breaking down and that’s an Emmy reel if I ever saw one.