Westworld - Hopkins, robots, six-guns


I’m considering leaving the last 2 episodes unwatched for a while to avoid the inevitable Big Cliffhanger.


Spoiler text below.

Awwwww…. I liked Emily.


Me too.


So is the implication that…

Emily was not a host, but Man In Black is?


Yeah, apparently. They made a big deal out of his arm, so I think so.


Nah. They already played that card, and it would undercut the entire impact of his storyline. He’s just that paranoid.


I agree.


I fucking hate this show now.



I don’t get it.


Doesn’t look like anything to me.


Jeebus, what happened there was messed up.

EDIT: Err, both things that happened, I guess.


These are the diagnosis* given to Wumpus because of Qualcomm.

Those are icd9 codes btw (billing codes). Old ones because we use icd10 as of a few years ago.

They also have a couple of errors which I assume it’s on purpose to avoid copyright infringement?

*What the heck is the plural form of diagnosis?


I think what the show was trying to imply is that the Man in Black is in fact suffering from schizophrenia and thus has paranoid delusions of persecution.

I find that a bit weak considering how cool and on top of things he’s always been portrayed, but I suppose it was supposed to be foreshadowing his actions later in the episode.

I’m worrying that this show is starting to teeter on the edge of a slide into soap-opera dom where drama (or melodrama) is just manufactured episode to episode in outlandish ways with no real connection to a larger or more satisfying story. Dolores of this season doesn’t seem to have a lot of connection with the Dolores we saw last season. Now Man in Black has veered away from the character I thought they had established.

I guess we will see how the season wraps up, but I feel that Season 2 to date is less satisfying than Season 1.



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I agree with pretty much everything you said. I just didn’t know if there was something specific about that diagnoses that set @wumpus off that I wasn’t getting.


Ahhh, ok. I was assuming Wumpus was upset for the same reasons I was, but I can’t really speak for him.


Are you trying to say that making William “crazy” removes responsibility from his actions, which is cheap?


I don’t know if he’s saying that, but what I agree with is that William’s “craziness” seems to have come along very suddenly. He was super well put together all through season 1. He had a plan and he was executing it with ruthless efficiency.

Perhaps it’ll all get explained, but I have the same concerns as Tortilla. It’s all feeling very flimsy right now.


He had a clear goal, which he accomplished and it didn’t mean what he thought it did and it wasn’t his quest and now in season 2 he’s trying and failing to re-establish that clarity of purpose. Seems entirely consistent to me.


Starting to?