Westworld - Hopkins, robots, six-guns


I’m confused, is Brenard driving away in the past or future timeline after he got caught as being a robot? I assume prior?

I’m so underwhelmed by this season it makes me sad.


Well it could be that the very idea a person’s mind is digitized and stored is what makes them eventually break and go nuts (ie. Delos); maybe it was done to William either without his knowledge or with the knowledge seemingly removed. Hence it’s successful, but perhaps up to a point.

I’ve been kind of up and down about this season, though generally I say I’m positive on it, but because of the multiple time narratives it doesn’t really feel like it’s moving very far forward and is intentionally confusing. Now we’re at the finale at really the only thing we’ve learned is something bad about the MiB, Maeve has robot mind control, and the “one” that Ford talked about way back in season one is actually Akecheta who achieved a kind of sentience a very long time before. And is probably my most favorite episode (and I’d say the scene with Ford and Akecheta is amazing).

— Alan


My favorite thing this season was in the last episode when Ford was slouched against the bar with his head propped up on his hand.

It was the most human I’ve seen Anthony Hopkins look in any scene in a decade and for some reason it really struck me.


I too am a bit underwhelmed by this season. Maybe not enough to be sad, but I really dislike the amount of time-line wankery that is going on this season. That felt like it was meant more for reddit theorists than TV viewers.

To quote Morty:

We should start our stories where they begin, not where they get interesting.


My brain hurts.

Ok, this interview answers a lot of questions. Don’t click the link until you’ve seen the finale!

You’ve been warned!


Um, yeah, I don’t even know where to begin with that.


But, yeah, they couldn’t keep doing the Western theme park forever. We’re now going to get Ex Machina, the TV show, except this time we’ve got a genocidal Ava on the loose in the real world, and Bernard is going to try to stop her.


This show has wandered so far up its own ass I can barely remember what was good about it. That was WAY too many ‘big reveals’ packed back to back, none of them all that interesting.

Loved this show as of two episodes ago, and now I think I’m out for S3, if it even happens.


“I know you’re going to be my sworn enemy, but I rescued you because, reasons.”


Just FYI the Blur spoiler type makes links impossible to click. You can use the Hide version instead.

like this:




thanks for that, I just realized that I missed a “post-credits” sequence.

Can we not do these for tv shows?


It wasn’t so much a post-credits sequence as an instead of credits sequence. The exec producer credits popped up, and I was going to fiddle around with something else and bam, suddenly we were live again.


Man this series makes no sense when I watch only this episode and the last of season 1.


Does make me wonder if the writers have gotten way too inside their own twisted story. I mean ultimately it’s several hosts make it off the island into the “real world”. Did they really need to have different timelines, twists within twists, and enough “meta” philosophical BS to fill several lifetimes just to tell how get three self aware AI’s get into human society?


In before reading too many posts ruins it for me. I liked the finale quite a bit. And I’m really stoked that Tessa Thomson will be the main antagonist now. She’s awesome.


I liked the finale I think. A bit too confusing for no reason but still kinda neat. This is also a good summary:


I came here to say this but @Oghier said it better than I could. Watch season 1 and pretend it ended with the last episode of season 1.

Also, reading the summaries, I interpreted the ending correctly* … I just think the ending, and for that matter the majority of season 2, sucked. There is no magical interpretation I somehow missed where it doesn’t suck.

* though the post credits scene, which I initially missed, implies maybe interesting stuff about directions in season 3. Great job delivering that message in the most annoying way possible, via a post-credits scene.


This is me watching this past season of Westworld:

Mostly I’m the guy on the right. During all the scenes with Thandie Newton, I’m the guy on the left.



She’s going to be a main character, but didn’t she just “rez” Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). It’s clear that Arnold kept a host-making machine in his house, cause the camera lingered on it a couple of times.

  1. Bernard realizes that Dolores was right about the humans, and he builds a Charlotte host with the Dolores core he yanked from the body in the Forge. Dolores kills real Charlotte and flies off the island, with a bunch of other host cores in her purse.

  2. At Arnold’'s house, a new Bernard-Host is built. As Dolores was the one who built the original Bernard-Hosts in the first place, it’s easy.

  3. Charlotte-Host also builds a new Evan Rachel Wood-Dolores. So I presume she transfers her core into that body. So which core is now in the Charlotte-Host?

Also, the post-credit scene sorta explains what the fucked happened to the Man in Black in the Forge. We had a cut of him descending in the elevator, and then Bernard walks into the elevator later-on and it’s like, what happened to MIB?

I like this reddit theory: But for the MiB, jugding by the BTS video I think he was human the whole time, and was rescued by the Delos QA, but died, either in the tent, or afterwards. Years later (the far future, according to Lisa Joy), a host version of him has been made, and they are testing fidelity using a host made on the image of her dead daughter.


Kind-of annoying that the entire story was basically told in the last 90 minutes of a 10.5-hour season. What was the point of most of those episodes? A few were good in and of themselves, but now it’s clear they didn’t move the story forward at all.

I also agree that a post-credits scene was a terrible idea.

And now a couple interviews pop up where the show runners answer some of the lingering questions, but it makes me wonder why they didn’t answer them, you know, in the show. Why are you making me go read your dumb interviews to figure out what happened?! Maybe I’m getting too old for this shit, but that seems way too meta for me.


I guess the hosts in shogun world and far east world aren’t worthy of ascendance to the special place. Dumb.

Found this funny summary on reddit.




I mostly disliked Season 2, even though there were some strong episodes in there. The timeline jumping gimmick was not fun for me. It worked in Season 1 because it was subtle enough that it was a surprise if you weren’t paying close attention or reading internet theories. In season 2 they make it perfectly clear that they are showing you the story unfolding at different points in time and don’t bother trying to make it coherent just for the sake of surprising you with a twist when they decide the time is right (last episode of the season).