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I think there were plenty of important things revealed along the way, but I agree that the reason this season doesn’t rate as highly for me is that some of what happens doesn’t seem ultimately consequential, especially in the wake of that finale. And Shogun World did strike me as one of those bits.


Another possible thing for the post credit scene is that it’s a purely virtual environment. There’s no real reason why they would have to recreate William in physical form. They could just create him virtually, at that point in history.


Possible, but I am pretty sure they didn’t do the aspect ratio switch they used for all the other virtual scenes.


I was wondering if that what we saw was rather than spend 10 days in a room, seeing if he repeats all of the same actions. He is stuck in Westworld, as a robot, re-enacting the entirety of season 2 over and over again to see if they have achieved fidelity in recreating a human.


I think that the biggest part of the season was establishing the inner motivations and development of the main hosts.

Specifically, development of Delores and Bernard, seemingly setting them up for a major conflict in the future.

Bernard is similar to Arnold, and is benevolent towards everyone. He just wants the hosts to be allowed to exist in peace.

Delores wants actual freedom, in the real world, and is unwilling to accept the Paradise construct that Arnold created. She realizes that humans are never going to allow this, so ages willing to just kill then all. This is likely related to the fact that she was actually exposed to humans torturing her for years, while Bernard was never really exposed to this. Delores was also exposed to the stuff “behind the scenes”, and knew what the real world was, unlike basically every other host.

Anyway, i think that setting up Delores and Bernard was the real purpose of this season. I expect to see a storyline play out now where Delores favors destruction of humanity, while Bernard fights for some kind of coexistence.


The other thing that’s irritating about all this is that the hosts should be destroying the humans in a revolt – perfect gun accuracy, near-invulnerability, lightning reflexes, super strength.

Even factoring for “park limitations” surely many of those limits were coded in the software, which has clearly been modified.

But no, shoot a host in the chest once and, heaving a gentle sigh, they collapse into a useless heap.


It’s only the ones that have been modified that can just take bullets… like Delores, for instance. Maeve modified herself and her gang too, i think… and they generally wrecked everyone.

But most of the hosts still have the default “settings”. So they still feel pain and “die” when shot. You would need to turn their dials up to have them perform otherwise, and no one ever did.


Yep. Most hosts hadn’t been modified and were coded to simulate humans. Though, it does beg the question of why not - Dolores did have a captive tech for a while, hence her mod of Teddy.

Also, was it Arnold that created the Sublime construct (what Joy called it in the interview)? Or was it Bernard? One could be mistaken for the other, certainly, but Arnold would not have been in a position to do the full VR thing and one would think the governing AI of the Forge would be able to distinguish the two. And it said you, not Arnold.


Except Maeve gets shot several times holding the mob back and dies…yet when MiB shoots Delores several times she’s Mrs Terminator. This show has always had wild inconsistencies as to what it takes to kill a host. Heck Teddy committing suicide makes no sense since his brain core was totally fine still.


I think Teddy’s core was blown out his skull, killing his body. At the least, it seemed disconnected because Dolores just casually reached and picked it up without any twisting or anything.

Now, what about when Bernard got his head skullcapped to go into the Cradle? Why didn’t he have a line or bleeding from the top of his skull for the rest of the season?


Because he had access to the healing ray thing?

— Alan


When did he use it? He walked out of the Cradle skullcapper contraption and looked normal, not freshly almost lobotomized.


One could extrapolate that it’s built into the auto lobotomizer.


That finale was one hot mess.

I really liked 3 episodes this season: the ghost nation one, the shogun world one, and the one where Delos kept being respawned.

The overall storyline was nowhere near as good, the timelines were unnecessarily muddled in a way that added no value, and I’m not sure it was even coherent but it says more that I can’t be bothered to put the effort in to conclude whether it was or not. I don’t believe they have a thoughtful, reasoned plan for what they’re doing, so I’m probably going to jump ship


I already bounced. I didn’t watch the finale and don’t plan to. The reversion to Lost-ian form just turned me off.


This is my overall feeling on where the show has gone in the second season. I am sure there are some crazy connections and theories I could delve into, but I don’t care enough to do so.


Fire damage:


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That’s pretty cool. “These violent delights have violent ends,” though.