Westworld - Hopkins, robots, six-guns


Season Three Trailer dropped, and it’s… well…uh…WTF?

I mean, I’m totally loving the Pink Floyd, and the future looks pretty awesome, but that is Westworld?


Seriously threw me for a loop. I was all, oh, that dude from Breaking Bad is in a new sci-fi show, cool. Then surprise!


Jesse Pinkman, but in the FUTURE!

Looks all right.


I am completely on-board with a brand new direction for Westworld + Aaron Paul. I was getting pretty burned out on the style of the first two seasons.

I wonder when in 2020 it’s launching. Hopefully early!


I like it. Makes it very clear we are out of the petri dish now. They get to write a completely new sci-fi dystopia, and then unleash the machine revolution on it. I am keen.


Are they gonna rename the show the Realworld?


Shows evolve. With movies becoming the domain of certain genres and stories-that-cater-to-global-audiences (aka, nothing that offends anyone), the storytellers are all flocking to premium TV/Netflix to tell complex stories. (The networks just want to serve the same comfort food over and over again).

It’ll be interesting to see if and how they balance the old Cowboy setting. Thandie Newton just won the Emmy, but her character is stuck in the park.


Ok, I loved the trailer. Damn, that looks cyberpunk + Westworld+Floyd=oh yeah.