New website for Wet plus a launch date - Sept. 15. I think the game turned out pretty well, and Eliza Dushku is pretty hawt. Glad Bethesda picked it up.

Well, I disagree with the second part, but this is not the forum for that discussion. You say it turned out pretty well? Past tense? Are you basing that off of a preview copy or review copy of the game?

I’m warily hopeful about this one: I really like the gonzo grindhouse style, but A2M’s past titles do not exactly fill me with optimistic joy.

Don’t worry, ashileedo says it turned out pretty well. Though, I have to admit, I didn’t spot anything other than what I assume is shovelware on that list of games.

I went to the site, and found it annoyingly difficult to enter in my random 1922 birth date to gain access because the text fields are crooked, and I’m using a laptop touch pad. I got in. I waited for it all to load, and was little rewarded short of some glitzy graphics and a gun stuck in my face which incidentally looks incorrectly skewed in perspective. I then proceeded to watch the video to see what the hell this game was about, and got singing dead guys. I left, I won’t be back and I still don’t know what the game is about. Something to do with a woman killing guys I guess.

Marketing. Fail.

ashileedo works for Bethesda IIRC.

A different complaint: it takes forever to load. I don’t know why marketing teams keep doing this… if I’m willing to wait 30+ seconds for a game’s overly intricate flash site to load, I’m probably already interested in the game and don’t need a basic overview from the official website.

Ah. That would explain the early access as well.

Eurogamer has a preview of the game here.

Oh, do not google A2M. You will not get the results you’re looking for.

Yep he does. Wet looks like a pretty standard 3rd person shooter to me, but we’ll see how it turns out.

I’m sorry. This game looks really bad. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look bad in a House of the Dead: Overkill kind of way. It looks bad in a “this game sucks” kind of way.

Kill Bill is calling this game. It wants its everything back.

What exactly is Eliza Dushku’s connection to the game. Is she part of the dev team?

She’s the voice and likeness of the main character.


I didn’t hear her talk, but that character looks vaguely like her or most other actresses.

This is the E3 video where I first heard about the game, wherein Dushku and a producer talk about the game.

You are a heterosexual male, right?

It’s called Wet and it’s by A2M. It’s starring and being promoted by Eliza Dushku. Douche-koo! I’m going to guess that the lead developer is a Italian guy named Pussy and be done with it.

I’m sorry for the last bit, I just watched the Sopranos S2 finale.

That was pretty much my reaction. If it’s done well it could be entertaining.