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Anyone else get an email from SOE stating they renabled your account for 30 days free? I haven’t touched PS in over two years and I was never really invovled with it in the first place. At the time I was a WW2OL junkie (yeah go ahead and laugh) and that whole cone of fire thingy was a real put off. If I shoot somone in the head I want him to die damnit!

I’ve got my original discs but I bet I have several hundred megs of patches to download :O

its a great game but I’m kind of busy with other stuff.

Last it was discussed here SOE had just added fairly obtrusive ingame advertising.

Yeah I remember seeing a screenshot of a Duece Bigalow ad in the HART area thingy. God damn a Duece Bigalow ad for chrissakes!

Ha ha – that can’t be real, can it? A Deuce Bigalow ad in a futuristic shooter?

A true vintage classic!

Well I finally got around to installing and patching this damn thing. The first time I launched I was held captive by an intro movie that lasted almost 10 minutes (ok maybe 7 or so) - no key I hit would stop the damn thing!

Any computer/console game that doesn’t allow the user to skip a damn movie, regardless if it has been watched or not, should be punishable by genital destruction via meat tenderizer or Bill’s cadavor tools.

Yeah I had the same reaction when I re-upped PS a few months ago. Unskippable intro movie, stupid ads in the Sanctuaries, confusing requirement for Launchpad, etc. Sony is one of the least customer-friendly game designers I have ever, ever seen. But PS is a really great game, so it’s worth it. I stopped even noticing the ads (which are only in the Sanctuaries – you don’t see them during actual gameplay) after a couple days.

The ads are also in the tower basements.

Anyone know what the latest ads are? Can anyone who’s playing post a few screens?

Personally, I’m more interested in who’s buying those Massive ads than I am in playing Planetside.


I popped in to check what ads were running currently. An animated (with sound) Air Force ad and a still ad for a television show on TLC.

(link removed)

(link removed)

Woah, the ads have audio now?

That’s great!

As much as I loved planetside, it’s obvious that SOE is content to run it into the ground at $15/mo plus ad revenues with little to no new dev work ever :(

Miami Ink
Some WB shows
Air Force

Yes, the Duece Bigalow ads were real.

The ads also appear in some base courtyards, either by the NTU silo or next to the vehicle pad (sometimes both). Dropship centers are particularly bad.

The one thing that takes the sting out of it a bit is the Planetside themed ads, such as ads for Planetside websites or the various empires. You really do learn to ignore them after a couple days.

They’ve also nerfed BFR’s again a couple weeks ago. The game keeps getting better.

What sort of nerf? I found that the ground variant was pretty gimpy (Vanu anyway) and I never got around to earning the FV, but they always tore me a new one.

Can someone post a screenshot of the ads? I’m kind of curious to see what they look like.

Udarnik did up a few posts.

I could be wrong, since I haven’t seen them, but those strike me as really really fucking pathetic. It’s one thing to put them up on the convenience store level in SWAT 4*. I could maybe even stomach them on billboards in Matrix Online. But in Planetside?


  • Are they still only tastefully built into SWAT 4 or did that game jump the Massive ad shark?

How did anyone* ever think that in-game immersion breaking advertising was a good thing?

*not including advertisers or execs.

I don’t mind it very much, especially if it means I’m getting advertiser supported products so I’m paying less money for my gaming experiences. If someone wants me to pay $69.99 for a game including copious advertising they can fuck off.

The whole concept of “immersion” is overrated to me anyway. Immersion is really only a factor in games that try to present a realistic viewpoint like FPSs and Sims. There’s nothing immersive about Culdcept or Katamari Damacy but I love em anyway.

Alright, scratch immersion and replace it with suspension of disbelief. Which, I know, doesn’t actually apply to some people. It’s just for me it’s a really huge thing. I don’t need something to remind me that I’m playing a game.

Also, I wouldn’t mind ads if it meant free games. I think advertising supported online games is probably a market just waiting to break free and take off. I would, however, like an option to pay for an ad-free version. Just like webpages.

Yeah, planetside doesn’t cost any less than other games, and they’re actually not doing any new content work with your monthly fee, at least not that I know of.