We've got movie sign? - MST3K Kickstarts Netflix series


3-12 episodes, Joel, rest of the cast unclear.

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Those who he hopes to get involved include past cast members and writers, as well as a brand new cast that includes a fresh host as well as a new mad scientist and new voices for famous wise-cracking robots Tom Servo and Crow. “Basically, I’m trying to blend the old with the new,” says Hodgson. “Mystery Science Theater has already refreshed itself once with a completely new cast, so I think it deserves to do that again. The original cast is going to be invited back to write, produce, and do cameos as their mad science characters, and then there’s a new cast with new talent.”

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter

In, so in.


I hope they can re-capture the magic. I’ll keep an eye on this.


I’m slightly confused. There’s no distribution lined up, right? So this is likely a Youtube effort? If so, I’m not sure what it adds over Rifftrax. I mean obviously, there’s the MST3K narrative structure, if you can call it that, and characters, but that’s not the main draw of the show.


Rifftrax is Mike Nelson, this is Joel Hodgson. ;)


As an unrepentant Mike Nelson fanboy, I A) sort of wish he were involved in addition to or instead of Joel, and B) can thus see Joel’s point about a mostly new cast not being too terrible a thing, in the end.


Mike Nelson, head writer of most of the MST3K episodes we know and love?

I have always taken umbrage with the Mike/Joel debate. Even when “Joel did it better” Mike was writing a lot of the jokes, as head writer from 90-99.

Also, who are the other collaborators in this? I am assuming it is Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff and Mary Jo Pehl? The cinematic titanic crew? Will Kevin Murphy be Tom Servo? I would assume we would get Trace Crow, which is totally fine.

I love me some old MST3K, but this seems like they are missing a lot of information on the creative team going in with this. I am sure more details will surface.

How are these episodes going to be released? What is the distribution? What do I get for backing? 100 dollars for the entire new season (length depending on the kickstarter?)

So many questions.

MST3K basically split into 2 factions over the course of the series, and post MST3K ended up being Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic. The former led by Mike Nelson, and the latter led by Joel Hodgson.

If you are going to tell me that Mike, Joel, Kevin, Trace, Frank, Mary and Bill are going to work on this? I am in. Anything else wouldn’t really be MST3K really.


I liked both, but I have a soft sot for Joel as I feel I kinda “grew up” with him, you know?


Any chance I can get for more TV’s Frank, I’ll take it. It was a sad day when he left the show all those years ago. :(


Agreed. I love the Mike-era movies (I consider seasons 8-10 as the high water mark of the riffing), but the sketch stuff was great back in the days of TV’s Frank and Doctor Forrester.

As for this kickstarter thing, hmmm … new host makes me uneasy. Absence of Mike’s writing also makes me uneasy. I’ll probably toss them some money anyway. MST3K is fused to my cellular structure.


Mike posted the following on Twitter to clear things up:

Michael J Nelson ‏@michaeljnelson 2m2 minutes ago
A number of people have asked, so just FYI, I’m not involved in the #MST3K reboot.


I’m unaware, was there some kind of…drama or conflict amongst these principals that I’m missing?


Not really any drama. Joel left the show, and then Trace and Frank left shortly afterwards. I think they were just done with the show. I don’t think Joel liked being on camera so much, and Mike was really taking the helm. When Joel left, he was happy to have Mike step up. They just both went in different directions. Joel’s crew is the old KTLA public broadcast pals, and the rifftrax people (Mike, Kevin, Bill) came later.

I guess my problem with this kickstarter, at present, is that it is unclear how this new show will be “MST3K” without a large chunk of work from the people that made the show what it was, special.

Honestly, they should call it MST4K, and totally buy in on going with a new cast, etc.


I always prefered Joel’s laid-back friendly stoner version of the host to Mike’s, so this works for me. Definitely in!

There was drama between Joel and Jim Mallon (the co-creator) for sure, but I’m not aware of anything specific between Joel and Mike.


Dawwww, that’s disappointing to have confirmed. Seemed likely given his involvement in Rifftrax, but I had hopes…


Be curious to know what went down with Jim Mallon. He’s always been a big obstacle with regard to MST3K. I wonder if he just outright sold the rights to Shout Factory.

A nice story, when Mike started up his pre-Rifftrax “Film Crew” project with Rhino, Mallon threatened to go somewhere else with the MST3K distribution rights unless Rhino cancelled it. At least, that’s the story on the internet.

In other news, Rifftrax started selling MST3K episodes on its website recently. Neat.


That Kickstarter makes me wish I had a spare $15k laying around. Real production Crow and Tom puppets? Yes please


Rifftrax put up this on their Facebook page:

BIG NEWS EVERYONE: Joel Hodgson is trying to bring back MST3K, but he needs your help! Head over to http://BringBackMST3K.com to learn more. Keep circulating this post! (And by that we mean hit the “share” button!) ‪#‎BringBackMST3K‬

*We aren’t directly involved, but happy to lend our support.


I have no beef with Mike, he was great. But I’m a total Joel guy all the way. I’ll get behind this.


From an EW interview

Hodgson says he hopes the campaign will not only raise the needed funds to produce new episodes of the show, but to serve as a sort of MST3K Signal to lure the old gang back onto the Satellite Of Love. But they won’t be on screen: Hodgson also wants to cast a new host and new mad-scientist adversary for the new season, as well new voices for Crow and Tom Servo. “Mystery Science Theater has already refreshed itself once with a completely new cast, so I think it deserves to do that again,” Hodgson says. “The original cast is going to be invited back to write, produce, and do cameos as their mad science characters, and then there’s a new cast with new talent.”

Ok, I like this idea. A complete reboot.